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Turn your home into the Belle on the block!


Switch on the lights and turn the place that you call home into the belle on the block with a few thoughtful touches here and there! Remember those outdoor fix-ups that you been putting off for next week, next month which has turned into next year? Well, it’s time to pull on your overalls, gloves, goggles, and tools and get going, no more excuses!

Keeping your home in great shape is an awesome way to add curb appeal and like they say, a stitch in time saves nine! Lots of money will remain in your pocket in the future, and you will be glad you did those little things which can turn into big things if continued to be ignored.

You can make it a family affair and have some fun, turn up the music and bring out the snacks! In no time the fixes will be a done deal and you will not even notice!

Let in the Sunshine

One of the simplest yet impactful fix-ups for every home is making the windows sparkle and shine, inviting the powerful rays of sunlight indoors and rinsing the dust and grease away.

 Fix Up the Front Door

Front doors are also a major component in the perception of those who come into contact with your home. Make it the best that it could possibly be with some fresh varnish or paint, flowers and gleaming glass.

Get Rid of Rotted Wood

Sometimes a simple spruce up isn’t enough, when damage to the wood on your house’s exterior is too far gone and rot has set in. Don’t worry—using the right tools and materials, you can make rot disappear, and fend off more damage.

Repair bad Roof

Nothing is perhaps more unsightly than a terrible looking roof that is falling apart. Get the roof of your home in shape and the gutters working properly like they should.

 Pay attention to Pathways and Patios

Don’t let another event at your home zero in on how ugly your pathways and patios look. Or worse, some busy body to make unthoughtful comments which can be embarrassing. Bring your walkways and entertaining areas into tip-top shape!

Spruce Up Your Exterior

Make your home literally pop off the block by brightening up its dull exterior. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold!

Renew Porches and Decks

Fix the decking on your outdoor spaces so they’re safer and more inviting for your family and friends.

Get Fencing in Order

A sagging fence gate or a leaning mailbox can make your house look unloved and not lived in. Get them repaired.

Clean Up the Landscape

Even if you get the house all dolled up, an unkempt yard can ruin the whole effect. Get out the garden gloves and the wheelbarrow, and tidy up that unkempt landscape.

Get the Sprinklers working properly

Droughts can get the best of your landscape, no matter how diligent you are with planting and pruning. Make sure your prize-worthy lawn and garden get the water they need in the most efficient way, by feeding them through sprinklers and irrigation. So make them work like they should.