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BEST BURGER – Top Fast-food On Island


VI Life & Style magazine is all about community life, hence the slogan Our Life – Our Style – Our Islands, and we love to shine the spotlight on all ages, gender, creed or colour. But when the youngins’ are doing positive things – it is our joy to put them on blast. We have had the privilege for the past ten years of showcasing in each issue our youths and in this issue we shine our spotlight once again on another young entrepreneur Shaq Fonseca and his best burger.

What is your full legal name?

Shaq Fonseca

Do you go by any aliases or nick names?


When was your business founded?

March 28th 2023

Do you have any active partners?

No but I do have persons working towards becoming partners.

How did you come up with the name for your business?

Well when we initially started making burgers at a previous business location; the slogan for the burgers were “the Best Burger in town” and I would answer the phone “Welcome to Best Burger, Home of the Best Burger” and people would always laugh or comment …. So I just ran with that.

Why did you choose to operate this business, what was your motivation, what is your story?

Well I was operating the bar at Best Cup on Friday and Saturday nights and with a bar comes a lot of ups and downs; and Akeem Pope, a friend of mine who was deejaying for me at the spot tried to give input and ideas on what he thought we could do to generate customers and have a unique selling point, and he said to me “we only have drinks and music; everybody have that” we need to think on activities. But I always had the idea to make burgers so I slept on the idea of activities and burgers, and I thought “having burgers could really change the dynamic of the business”.  It was something the BVI was missing as all the previous people that were making burgers all let their business die and I have always been a big fan of burgers since my high school days; so, I know it would be perfect if I took it under my portfolio.

Did you face any challenges in registering the business and with start up?

I faced many obstacles and challenges; failed attempts at partnerships, very little help with funding, transportation, and time management as I have a son who values my time with him. As far as registering the business, this is my 5th business so that part was easier to maneuver.

Is this business your sole business venture and revenue earner?

No this is not my only business venture, but I put all my other businesses on standby for now. I put all my focus and time into making Best Burger a timeless and superior business.

Where do you see the business 5-10 years down the line?

In the next 5-10 years I see Best Burger being an international franchise.

Are there any stumbling blocks that you believe you will encounter as you grow your business?

Yes there is, but the beauty is in the journey, the beauty is in the struggle, the grind, and the climb. I really enjoy overcoming every obstacle that I am faced with.

How do you obtain and maintain customers?

Well at Best Burger we always try to give back to our customers, so we always have promotional activities planned. We try to execute having the best customer service on the island; and yes, we do have hiccups, but we thrive every day to make the service a little better and it has been working for us so far.

What other skill sets do you have that you utilize or can utilize to enhance your business offering?

I have many other skills that all make Best Burger a success: audio engineering, dry walling, marketing, sales, advertising, social skills and I am an artist as well as a designer.

Where is your business located?

Tortola Pier Park, Kiosk#12

How can customers access your business?

Via: Facebook, Instagram, phone @bestburger_vi

How can your story influence other youth persons to start their own business ventures?

Well just last year, I didn’t even have a bank account in my name but today we appear to be one of the top fast-food places on the island. “If I can do it, they can do it too”. If you discipline yourself and focus on your goals “impossible is nothing”.

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