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The evolution of a brand and its accessories


Within the Caribbean lies many mountains of talent seen and unseen and our creative diaspora spans far and wide from the Southern tip of Guyana to the Northern tip of The Bahamas. From Art to Music, Photography to Culinary, Dance and even Fashion, the evolution of Caribbean brands continues to grow in numbers that have spilled over into international waters and beyond.


Trèfle is one of many highly recognized Caribbean businesses as a swim, resortwear, home furnishings and accessory brand that caters to a worldwide audience. Founder and designer Kristin Frazer is now in her 15th year as an entrepreneur and has acquired a unique list of credits within her portfolio. From influencers to celebrity placements, music videos, magazine and store placements, runway shows and more, Kristin has been able to diversify her talents through her print concept designs in all areas of her brand and also the world of accessories.

Kristin Frazer

“Having multiple labels under the Trèfle brand isn’t by default for me. I created my business plan in 2008 and have only pivoted when needed to ensure that my core values of “transparency, accountability, inclusivity, quality, and impact” remain at the top of my overall goals. Fashion and the multiple layers of opportunity that it presents can really have a positive or skewed impact on your life. I graduated from college in 2006 and the world and how things were done are no longer what
is needed in terms of what I was taught… so staying abreast of what’s happening and aligning yourself and your core values to be able to remain consistent is key”, says Kristin.

In painting a picture of what the evolution of Trèfle looks like, we’ve seen the introduction to swimwear for women, men, and childrenall of which were implemented at different timelines within the brand. This followed with the introduction to accessories and its final addition of a home collection in 2016. With these labels under her belt, Kristin has navigated her path by adjusting the needle of life to cater to the areas that allow for her to continue to grow the business.

Highlighting some of the key areas for the brand, accessories, and the role that they play for Trèfle has been both impressive and rewarding. Trèfle began including accessories for the wholesale and retail market in 2012 and slowly built a following of pieces to include key chains, leather passport covers and luggage tags, hand-bags, wristlets, journals and our favorite, cell phone cases. “In my line of business and in almost any business, there are two key factors that contribute and more-so are of importance within my industry. These are “introductions” and “impact”. These two words assist in the growth of your business and are also some of the ingredients needed along with your business plan model. My accessories have been classic staples for my business and my most successful accessory to date are my Otterbox X Trèfle phone cases.

My story of getting such an opportunity started with introduction and impact in 2016. I’ve been honoured to have had a great experience with a US company that is recognized worldwide for the work and products that they produce. I express my Otterbox story to others that may want to know or ask because of the organic way in which my partnership with them came about and I want others to know that sometimes, you don’t have to do the work alone. There are and will be people that see your work or may have heard your story and sometimes, that is enough,” says Kristin.

OtterBox was founded in 1998 by Curt Richardson where he created the first OtterBox waterproof case in his garage in the early ’90s. This waterproof box case was
similar to an Otter’s fur and that product’s benefit and feature inspired Curt’s wife, Nancy Richardson, to create the name OtterBox. Otterbox is a label under Otter Products that enables human connection in our increasingly mobile world and some of their core values include being dedicated to quality, durability, and purposeful innovation.

“From small moments to life-changing ones, OtterBox keeps you in sync with every moment, every day, so you can stay connected to what gives those days meaning. After all, connections are more than things we make, they make us who we are. Connection matters more than ever — across miles, among generations and around
the globe.” (otterbox.com)

In April of 2017, Kristin officially launched two phone cases with Otterbox named Caribbean Hues and Beach Lines for the iPhone 7/8 and 7+/8+ under this mega US
brand. Within the first few weeks, Frazer had the #1 selling cases on otterbox.com and her print gained traction and attention from various talk shows like The Real, The View and the Chew, Verizon Stores and many consumers that shopped the cases online from around the world. Otterbox is known to have partnerships with various artists and companies and Kristin became the first Caribbean designer to partner with and launch these beautiful cases from 2017 to 2019.

In the summer of 2018, Kristin created a third print with the company for release called Anegada for the iPhone X as well as the Samsung 9 and 9+. This case came shortly after the category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria and would assist Kristin in her start to rebuild the brand. “ If you had to ask me what word I would use to  describe my relationship and overall experience with Otterbox and the entire team, that word would be phenomenal. I learned so much and experienced things that I have been able to not only cherish but incorporate in my business model because this is all a part of my story. Phone cases and accessories in general generate billions of dollars and having a great strategy and story for marketing and sales can carry you a long way”, says Kristin.

Now in her 15th year, Kristin is once again working with Otterbox with two new cases called Paradise and Cruller. These cases are available for iPhone styles only starting from the iPhone 12 and above. Otterbox is also celebrating their 25th anniversary and continues to promote great products, great partnerships, and great give-backs through their NPO OtterCares. “We believe one young and inspired mind can change the world. The OtterCares Foundation inspires students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who create lasting and impactful change in their communities.”(Ottercares.org)

These cases are available at Clover’s and Latitude 18 located in Road Town, Tortola and are also available online at www.trefledesigns.com and www.otterbox.com.