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Uncensored Beauty


Boasting a net-worth in 2022 of $528B, with an expected 8% increase in 2023, it is exciting to see many Virgin Islanders taking the entrepreneurship plunge into the beauty industry.  While there is no shortage of major brands, many take comfort in knowing that quality products are made locally.

We sat down with 26 years young, Kahlea Choucoutou, owner and developer at Uncensored Beauty about living in her beauty and creating products that have the power to transform lives, one head at a time.  She intends to leave a lasting impact on Virgin Islanders and the world.

BB: How old were you when you had that light bulb moment and said, yes I am doing what I love?

KC: For many years, friends would ask me for tips on maintaining healthy hair and hair growth. I enjoyed sharing my experience and knowledge of what I do with my own hair, but it wasn’t until I launched this third venture (Uncensored Beauty Hair Care) this year, that I realized I was living my passion. What I love is actually getting to formulate the products myself.

BB: Share with our readers, how you and your brand Uncensored Beauty came about and your experience thus far?

KC: Uncensored Beauty (the brand) was established in March 2020. We started off with Uncensored Beauty Cosmetics (UBC), which was my initial introduction into entrepreneurship. UBC mainly featured beauty enhancement products. Our lip glosses were our customer favourites, but of course the creativity did not stop there. We also sold lip oils, lip scrubs and branded lip liners. From cosmetics, we expanded to resin in 2021, where we were the first resin brand established in the BVI. Our introductory item was our signature keychain bundles that went along with our UBC lip glosses and colorful puff balls. We quickly then expanded our resin creations to customizable ash trays, books, and other items just to name a few. I actually started the idea of creating my own hair care products in 2019, but in 2021, I put a pause on the resin and cosmetic businesses to be able to focus on and effectively establish Uncensored Beauty Hair Care (UBHC). In September 2023, we officially launched our first hair care line and other hair care items. I am definitely not where I was when I started in 2020. I have gained more experience and knowledge in formulating across the board, whether that be with cosmetic beauty products, resin art, or hair care. I tend to broaden my experience through extensive research and continuous studies and that is the most exciting part about it all.

BB: Tell us about the products currently available?

KC: Our incredible “Aloe and Peppermint” collection is specially formulated to work wonders on all hair types. Whether you have luscious curls, sleek straight locs, or anything in between, our products will nourish, replenish, and strengthen your hair from root to tip. Our customers can say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair, and hello to gorgeous, healthy strands that will turn heads wherever they go! Our collection includes a moisturizing shampoo, a hydrating conditioner, a luxurious hair butter, and a deep treatment for that extra strength and care. We also have an Ayurveda-infused oil and a detoxifying clay which brings out the toxins and impurities to take your hair care to the next level.

BB: Talk with us about developing your brand into what it is today and honing your craft.

KC: It has always been a goal of mine to help others to achieve the satisfaction of having healthy hair. I take a lot of time researching ways to provide customers with solutions to improving their hair care journey. One of my biggest motivations in the development of the brand has been all of the support received from Uncensored Beauty customers throughout the past years. This is what encourages me to continue despite any challenges faced while developing formulas, or trying to craft what I believe is the perfect product.

BB: What inspires your creativity in developing a product and finding the right formulas?

KC: My inspiration for the development of the formulas, is first knowing what I want to achieve with the products, whether that be moisture, growth, shine, or any other benefits. I also think about ingredients that align with the values of the brand. My goal is to make products that are safe to use and do not have negative effects associated with it. So, I find ingredients that would give us the benefits that I want to achieve whilst maintaining personal and environmental safety.

BB: What have you learned most about yourself along this journey?

KC: What I have learned on this journey is that there is always room for growth in running a business. I have faced many obstacles that could have hindered me from getting to this point, but I have found that there is not only one way to get where I want to go. Consistency and self-discipline were also a big part of this journey. Those small skills were very much needed during the process of me learning about how to formulate hair care products and have aided in the overall quality of the products that we sell today.

BB: In a time where technology has made it so easy for people to become experts in just about anything, what is the key to Uncensored Beauty being selected and respected as a quality brand? What about the products/brand attract customers and keeps them coming back?

KC: I would say that Uncensored prides itself in its uniqueness, its individuality and overall quality of products from start to finish, including the formulation, packaging, and use. I have spent several years doing my own research on product formulations, different natural hair types and have taken courses to learn about ingredients used in these products. Doing this has helped me to make high quality, effective products that can work with all hair types. I think our customers genuinely appreciate the authenticity and consistency of the products and the results that they get from using them.

BB: Are your products made and packaged locally?

KC: Yes. All our products are made with love in the British Virgin Islands, by me. Our packaging is envisioned by me and brought to life by our trusted graphic designer, Quame Campbell of Bullseye Studios.

BB: Speaking about packaging, how difficult has it been with sourcing and getting your supplies on island and how has that affected your pricing?

KC: It is extremely difficult to source products locally, so we have to find international vendors. Given the magnitude of ingredients required, the cheaper option would be to bring them through the sea which typically delays our formulation time. We would also have to consider the shipping and handling fees associated with bringing these items in and they account for probably 20% of the final product cost.

BB: How has the reception been from your clients? What are they saying?

KC: The response has been amazing. Our clients seem to all LOVE our products. We have received lots of good reviews from several people saying that the products are good quality, effective, attractive – and overall, results are consistent and immediate.

BB: You have bravely stepped out on faith and taken your brand to the next level. Are there plans to open a store front or get your products into local stores?

KC: The ultimate goal is to one day have a store front for Uncensored Beauty that is a one stop one shop for all beauty products.

BB: Any plans to enter the international market?

KC: Right now, we have customers in the USVI, Atlanta and Florida so, I would say Uncensored Beauty is already international. We are currently working towards having distributors outside of the BVI, so that our international customers can have easier access to our products. Stay tuned for that!

BB: What have been some of the challenges you have encountered, if any?

KC: Because the formulation side of cosmetics is not widely talked about amongst small businesses, the resources and learning materials are very limited. I make our products all from scratch with natural ingredients, opposed to just taking some already made parts and putting them together. So, it was very much a trial-and-error process that I had to learn from for many months leading up to me getting the right product formulation.

BB: Words of wisdom and encouragement to share with persons struggling to discover their passion and how to make it a reality.

KC: In the words of Kyra James, “do it scared”. I know that sometimes we may be taken aback by the fact that someone may already be doing something that you want to pursue. But, if Rihanna felt that way, we wouldn’t have Fenty Beauty. She, an island girl herself, saw the vision and gave it her all, which resulted in the successful worldwide brand she has today. It doesn’t matter where or how you start; you always have time to make improvements, but definitely just start.

BB: The Territory is in a great space with many creatives across many markets, what do you think will aid in helping others bring their dreams and passion to a reality?

KC: My best advice would be to be unique and respectful of other people’s intellectual property. A brand’s individuality is what draws people into wanting to buy their products, so entrepreneurs should take advantage of their own creativity and draw from their own passions when creating their brand. It’s okay to use someone else’s ideas as inspiration, but you can go a far way by just following your own passions and creating something that completely represents you.

BB: Would you say you are living your passion? 

KC: Honestly, before starting this journey I didn’t even know that this world of cosmetic science even existed. If I knew about cosmetic science in high school, I think I would have pursued that field from an earlier age. I love creating new things and I am grateful to say that I am now living my passion and eager to learn new formulations each day.

Kahlea shared with us that The Uncensored brand enjoys celebrating anything and everything.  Look out for Christmas promotions coming soon, as it is important for her to give back to her customers. The sky is the limit for Kahlea Choucoutou and Uncensored Beauty as she expands her product offerings, branding, and services. Stay connected and up-to-date by following on FB Uncensored Beauty, IG @uncensoredbeautyvi and Twitter (X) is @ubvi_. Direct message any questions.

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