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New Year, New You, New Atmosphere!


The holiday cheers are here, and the spirit of newness is upon us. Resolutions, changes, and positivity are in the air! Healthy dieting, physical fitness, adequate sleep, and social circles are certainly all incredible targets for improving your lifestyle and creating a better you, but did you know the atmosphere of your home can impact your mood and motivation? So let’s solidify your New Year goals by ensuring you have the right surroundings conducive to your progress.

First thing first! Let’s spell out what makes the atmosphere.

1. Composition. This is the act of combining parts to form a whole, the arrangements of elements. This can be anything from lines, shapes, patterns, plants, objects, etc. Combine them, and voila, you have a composition!

2. Colour. Colours have a great influence on everything, including our state of mind, feelings, and emotions. Consider how dull and unstimulating it would be if everything was black and white; how memorable would a colourless life be?

3. Light. The amount of light or lack of it can impact and shape the setting of your interiors. Some people love being surrounded by light, which gives an open, airy feel, while others prefer a darker, cozy atmosphere. In both instances, light intertwines a feeling and encourages different energies.

With that said, let’s break down what you’ll need to know when deciding on your new atmosphere.

Combining Materials

This is an aspect of composition. Nailing that perfect combination of materials just right could generate a space filled with character and harmony. Let’s take nature, for example. We turn to it because it provides a sensation of peace of mind, so we then try to recreate it indoors by using wood flooring, wood finishes, and plants.  Boom! You’ve created a Zen feeling all-around your home. There are many combinations and materials you can work with, so experiment until you find the ambience that makes your heart happy.

Sound of Interiors

Every material has a different makeup, so naturally, it will create a unique sound whether you tap it or a sound bounces off its surface. Notice how sounds leap off of metal vs. a wall. In the design industry, this is known as acoustics. I will not go into further detail with this as it’s an ongoing description, and I’m sure you’ve already reached the point. Everything has “a voice, and it sings” – just remember that.

The Temperature of a Space

It is basically, what you see, what you feel, what you touch! As with sound, material has a warmth or coldness to it. Take, for example, touching a piece of wood; you’ll find that it is significantly warmer than a marble surface, or even metal, which will instantly feel cold. The same principle applies to your sight as well. If you were to enter a room made out of wood, you would feel warm and cosy. At the opposite end, if you would enter a loft or a factory, the concrete and metal that define the space will give you a sense of coldness.

Surrounding Elements

Everything you have around you are objects that you choose to keep close. Perhaps as a memory, or because it triggers a happy feeling inside you, it keeps you connected to someone, or simply because you like it. Every little thing around us is, in some way, is an extension of ourselves. It speaks of our life story, where we have been, where we are now, what we like, who we are as a person.  It is as simple as that!

Levels of intimacy

Intimacy is a feeling of safety and security. You experience it when you’re in a familiar place or a small snugged space. Think of it this way: when you’re at a restaurant and go to the restrooms, you just entered from a large space into a normal-sized space. You tend to feel a little bit more relaxed, but if there are people around when you go inside the stall itself, there is where you feel completely relaxed; it’s just you in there. It’s your space temporarily; it’s where you are “hugged” by walls, and nobody can see you. That is intimacy.


The last and maybe the most important thing that can create an atmosphere in any space is light. No matter if it’s natural or artificial light, it is a powerful factor and game-changer. Just as with sound and temperature, every material absorbs and reflects a certain amount of light. Imagine a mirror vs. a concrete slab or a plank of wood vs. metal.

So there you have it. All of these elements create the atmosphere of your space. So consider the interior of your home and the atmosphere you want to create. As you turn a new leaf – foster a new you; what atmosphere do you need to cultivate in your home that is conducive to the ‘You’ that you’re pursuing for the time to come?

Until next time – feel your surroundings!!!