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Our Mission

The Virgin Islands Life & Style Magazine aims to positively touch the lives of our clients and readers as we help our advertisers to generate the desired return on their investment by consistently delivering on our promises and being the preferred choice of our readers.

Editorial Mission

It is The Virgin Islands Life & Style Magazines’ editorial mission to combine health & wellness, home & gardening, culture, art & craft, money & business, fashion & beauty, food & entertainment, sports & fitness, shopping and excursions, into one trendy package.

Our editors are even more committed to highlighting the people, places and lifestyle that make the Virgin Islands a glorious place to live. This one-of-a-kind magazine is targeted to residents, visitors and newcomers.

Concept & Content

Positioned as “the real life and style magazine of the Virgin Islands”, VI Life & Style Magazine will capture the energy, attitude and interests of the health-crazed; the adventure seeker; and the do-it-yourselfer who love life and are looking for reliable and pertinent information about ‘OUR LIFE, OUR STYLE, OUR ISLANDS’.

The magazine’s tone is fun, witty, influential and daring, and aims to inform, inspire and entertain its young readers as well as the more mature and elderly.

The VI Life & Style Magazine will be a balance of fresh health and cool life, fashion and beauty, food, culture, business, sports, and homes and gardening.  It features current trends and tips, as well as an extensive lifestyle section profiling island entertainment, life skills, how-to features and relationship.

Our Distribution

CIRCULATION: 5,000 quarterly

The VI Life & Style Magazine will reach the more affluent residents, visitors and newcomers plus destination travelers worldwide via our website.

Prominently displayed at newsstands and check-outs, The VI Life & Style Magazine can also be found throughout the Virgin Islands at bookstores, high-end grocery stores, hotels, onboard airlines (BVI Airways and Sea Bourne Airline), ports of entry throughout the Virgin Islands. Complimentary copies are given to all advertisers.

Why Advertise in the VI Life & Style Magazine

With so many advertising mediums it is hard to choose the right one, so here are some reasons why you should choose VI Life & Style Magazine.

EXCLUSIVITY HAS ITS BENEFITS: There is no other magazine within the US & British Virgin Islands that brings life and style together in one awesome package which makes VI Life & Style Magazine unique and highly sort after. Advertisers have the opportunity of reaching an estimated 30,000 readers within this untapped target market.  

TARGET MARKET APPROACH: The VI Life & Style Magazine targets the young and not so old readers who are passionate about LIFE, STYLE, & ISLAND LIVING. This is the age group with considerable spending power and influence and who know what they want. They’re connected and depend on technology to stay informed and socially engaged. They also place huge emphasis on quality which is the focus of this magazine.

EXCELLENT SHELF LIFE: Because of the uniqueness and exclusivity of our publication, each issue will be a collectible edition. This means your ad will be viewed for years to come, with excellent shelf life.

BRAND EXPOSURE: Advertising in our magazine will offer our advertisers the opportunity of increased brand exposure, as thousands of residents and visitors will be using our magazine as their number one source to find suppliers and service providers within specific target markets.

Who reads VI Life & Style Magazine

IF YOU’RE NOT, it’s very likely that many of your friends and neighbors are. Maybe it’s time to see what you’re missing! The VI Life & Style Magazine is available at dozens of your favorite locations throughout the US and British Virgin Islands. They probably have the latest issue waiting for you. GO GET YOURS!


DIGITAL MARKETING: Supporting the print publication, and further catering to readers’ needs for networking opportunities, the VI Life & Style Magazine will also host an interactive website containing original content and social networking capabilities that will allow readers to share their varied concerns and interests and network with professionals in their varied fields.

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: We offer worldwide subscription. Each brand new issue will be packed with new editorial, new pictures, and vendor resources mailed or delivered to our subscriber’s home, quarterly to help you make money.

EVENTS: Starting 2015 the VI Life & Style Magazine will host an annual Beauty & Wellness Exposé, (BeWell) where local vendors can showcase their products and services and patrons can get a one-on-one discussion with vendors.

For advertising rates & deadlines, please contact our sales department.