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Interior Design Solutions For Common Household Habits


Life’s rhythm dances to the beats of routine and habit, forming the groovy core of our existence. While we may fantasize about being wild, carefree spirits, most of us find ourselves following the lively tunes set by work, family, and the call of the pillow. Creatures of habit, we are, but not every groove is a healthy jam! At home, some lazy moves can turn our space into a messy party pooper. From forgetting to kick off your shoes at the door to spoiling the pup with one too many toys, here are a few examples of common party fouls and some recommended solutions to keep your home environment tidy.


So, instead of kicking off your shoes right at the front door, you somehow find yourself wandering around the house with those dirty soles before getting around to taking them off. Try keeping a pair of indoor slippers handy near your shoe spot – this makes the switch a breeze! But let’s not create a big pile of shoes at the front door. If you’re dreaming up a new home or sprucing up the current one, think about adding a mud closet or room for your shoes – it’s like VIP treatment for your shoes, nudging you to kick them off pronto. And if that’s a bit much, a cool rack or a simple basket by the front door does the trick too!




From throwing your blazer over the sofa to shedding your clothes on the bedroom floor, dumping clothes makes a big mess – fast. Ensure that anything you remove finds its place on a peg, in a drawer, or within the confines of a wardrobe or laundry basket. Get creative with wall-mounted hooks on the back of a closet door, walls, or inside a closet just for these items.  Eliminate any enticing dumping zones, like a chair in the bedroom, or leaving the ironing board out which may inadvertently transform into a prolonged repository for disorganized clothing. For those “not-so-dirty” clothes, try a chic decorative hamper. This will keep things neat in one spot and out of sight.



For those enchanted by handy appliances, novels, or captivated by knick-knacks, you might hit a tipping point in your collection journey. It could result in a cluttered home weighed down by an excess of stuff.

Embark on a decluttering mission by categorizing items into piles for charity, storage, yard sale, or disposal. Consider curbing your collecting habit, or schedule annual clear-outs. To determine what stays, ponder the last time you used each item. If parting with precious pieces is challenging, opt for a creative way to display them. Take inspiration from this expansive shelving unit, crammed with books, yet maintaining a tidy appearance through clever color coordination. Apply the same concept to figurine collections and other items for an aesthetically pleasing display.


For enthusiasts of kitchen gadgets, your cherished devices are most likely dominating your countertop. With the continuous emergence of new technology, the temptation to acquire the latest fad is hard to resist. Explore these suggestions to declutter and create more space on your countertops.

If you’ve already completed your recommended annual clear-out and found more cupboard space, here’s an organization hack for you. Prioritize your essentials, like the coffee maker or toaster, ensuring easy access. Store less frequently used items, such as the cake mixer or juicer, in cabinets or drawers. Arrange your cupboards by separating frequently used items from seasonal or occasional appliances. If cupboard space is scarce, think about incorporating floating shelves or a countertop organizer to free up work surfaces. To avoid overwhelming your space with appliances, consider opting for multifunctional ones. Balancing functionality and aesthetics is crucial for maintaining a neat and efficient kitchen space.

In the realm of interior design, addressing common house habits through innovative solutions proves instrumental in transforming living spaces into harmonious sanctuaries. These strategies not only elevate functionality but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. With these quick and easy solutions, your home can evolve to better align with your lifestyle, ensuring that each space becomes a personalized haven for relaxation and inspiration.

As you try out these design solutions, we’d love to hear about your space transformation! Share your tales of decluttered countertops and improved spaces. And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just want a touch of magic in your home, give us a call at 1.284.499.2060 and ask for more information about our organising services. You may also email us at formstudiosintl@gmail.com. Your home’s next adventure awaits!

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