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Land and Sea Power Services – The name explains it all


The Virgin Islands is a popular destination among tourists of all ages and stages in life. The Virgin Islands has continually been recognized with accolades for its beauty over the years and naturally for any visitors there will be an array of outdoor activities on offer. Since the Territory is surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, water-based activities form a massive chunk of the Virgin Islands’ outdoor activities offering.

Teshawn Cameron, popularly called “Cam” or “Captain Cam” has forged a niche in this area and has established himself as one of the best people to deal with anything sea-based. In 2012, he established his business, Land and Sea (L&S) Power Services Limited. Last year, the company celebrated 10 years of operation and the occasion was marked with a family water sports fun day where the public was able to participate and experience all the water sports activities and equipment Land and Sea Power Services has to offer free of cost.

In an interview with VI Life & Style Magazine, Cameron said his business offers two-fold services to its clients. The name explains it all; the first element deals with the land side while the second area delves into the sea area.

“I am a certified marine, diesel and power generation technician, specializing in Cummins engines and other equipment.  These qualifications support the “Land” side of the business and also supports the “Sea” side for which I am also a Licensed Mariner (Captain) and have been for more than 15 years,” Cameron explained.

He added that the terrestrial side of his business provides a broad spectrum of services. These include repair service and installation of standby generators, and transfer switches for residential customers and commercial businesses. Meanwhile, on the sea-based side of the business, L&S Power Services provides servicing, repair and installation of marine engines. In addition, the company offers a diverse range of excitement on the waters of the beautiful Virgin Islands. The most popular services include luxury charters around the VI; island hopping, sunset/sunrise cruise and picnics, luxury transfer between the BVI and the USVI; guided boat tours aboard Boston Whalers Sports where passengers can be their captains. This service is favourite and quite popular among both visitors and locals alike.

“Day Charters aboard M/V Happy Hours, a 44ft Tiara yacht is very popular with my guests.  They get to explore the Virgin Islands in luxury & comfort which they love.  Touring the BVI is a very unique experience and I encourage everyone to come to experience it 1st hand,” Cameron said.

He added, “Our guided sea excursions (boat tours) are unique. You get to Captain your very own Boston Whaler 110 sport while you follow a Tour Guide in a lead boat. You get to explore the beautiful scenery of the island’s landscape while the sweet ocean breeze hits your face. Our guests get to snorkel one of the liveliest & prettiest coral reefs with the option to also enjoy a private beach. Our customers are a good mix of tourists and residents”. Water sports equipment are also provided to complement the services.

L&S Power Services also provides vessel management. This involves the servicing of all marine systems a “bow to stern programme” (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

A decade by itself is a long time and operating a business for ten years can be challenging especially in a small island territory that has faced its share of natural and economic disasters over the years. However, Captain Cam ventured into the business for a reason, and it is this drive and passion that keeps him moving forward.

“My uncle Terry “Shepard” Evans (of blessed memory), who was also a captain and owner of a boat rental company & marina inspired me.  As a youngster, I spent time at sea with him on trips aboard a variety of boats (monohulls, catamaran yachts & centre consoles).   He sparked my interest and also took the time to teach and mentor me. In my quest to be the best captain I can be, my cousin Capt. Waynie Stout Sr. took me under his wing to add to and polish my skills,” Cameron told VI Life and Style.

Like most business in the Virgin Islands, the two Category Five hurricanes, Irma and Maria, along with the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the daily operations of L&S Power Services. Cameron noted that given the nature of the services he offered, both the land and sea-based area of his business were impacted but, in each case, he pivoted appropriately to ensure business continued.

“After the hurricanes, I focused more on stand-by generator maintenance and similar services and for Covid, there was an increase in marine rigging and outfitting work.  I have not yet directly felt the impact of inflation,” Cam noted.

Captain Cam has acknowledged his business has come a far way and he said looking back he fully expected the success he is now seeing. He highlighted that he is a determined individual and once he sets a goal, he becomes focused and driven to accomplish it. Nonetheless, he is not satisfied with where he’s at currently and has intentions to grow and evolve in the future.

The boat captain has always sung praise for his country and he uses his job to be an ambassador for the Virgin Islands in the best way he knows how.

“I am excited to meet new people every day or to service repeat customers, some of whom are now good friends.  My vision was to not be just another boat captain but to provide a service that exceeded my customer’s expectations.  I try to ensure that all age groups are covered on my excursions and they each have something that will keep them happy and engaged,” he further explained.

In reflecting on his journey, he sometimes wished he could pass some advice to his younger and more naïve self. He admitted that the road has not been as easy as he thought it would be. Thus, he would tell his younger and hungrier self that life is not a nicely paved road, there are potholes along the way “dodge them if you can but if you fall into a hole, learn the lesson”.

He added that all failures he had turned into experiences and lessons and they have led him to where he is today. So, although he has advice for his younger self, he said he would not change the journey if he had the chance, but he will continue to learn and grow from all his lessons.

Captain Cam also considers himself a mentor to the younger generation who are eager to venture into the entrepreneurial sector. He tries to guide them to become better persons and also ambassadors for the Territory. His advice to them is “to do something they love.  But in doing something they love, I encourage them to get the education, training and experience needed to excel at what they do.   Differentiate themselves and do not be afraid to take risks”.

He added, “A good network is also very important so I recommend they surround themself with a network of people that will support them.  Finally, travel the world.  You get ideas, meet people, and have experiences that help you see life through different lens”.

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