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Increase Your Home Value With These 5 Simple Tricks


As you may know, renovations to your home make it more appealing to buyers and increases the value. Not all homes sell as quickly; and most sellers are now forced to ask what really sells a house. Is it a well experienced realtor or an eye-catching house?

While a great realtor is vital, the house should be able to market itself. Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to drain your pockets; but be aware that cheap is sometimes expensive. Avoiding renovations can lead to selling your house at a steal-of-a-deal price. The valued estimate of your home should have some bases on its appeal to buyers. With that in mind, here are a few ideas on how to improve and remodel your home to increase its market value.


A home should be gorgeous both inside and out. An investment in your home surrounding is the first attraction to buyers. A simple landscape includes flowers, a well mowed lawn, and maybe a lovely seating area. You don’t need to go to extra lengths of putting up structures like gazebos or water fountains. It is okay to play it safe; avoiding big structures allows for creativity of the new owners to make it their own.


Occupancy of spaces over a long period of time generally causes the space to look worn. As a result, sellers should ensure that rooms are well renovated before placing the home on the market. Renovations can be as major as changing the flooring and cabinetry, or as simple as repainting and updating light fixtures. Subtle changes automatically make your home look new and presentable. Another great idea to consider is reinventing spaces to perform certain functions; basements can be turned into a second living area or a game room for the benefit of appealing to the buyer.


Natural lighting is a highly valued aspect in any home; it is one of the top sort-after features. Most homes with good windows do not require much artificial lighting. Skylight windows will illuminate the room but rarely offers the same quality or appeal as windows do. Good ventilation is also needed, especially for homes that lack adequate windows. The right air conditioning is always helpful. Ensure that air is well circulated within the rooms of your home – nothing puts buyers off more than musky smells in a room.


The kitchen is the heart of a home. If the tiling or cabinetry looks old, worn out or cracked, it is best to have it redone. Buyers are always excited to see a well-done kitchen. Do your maximum to make the kitchen presentable, ensure to fix the sinks or any water leakages left undone. Homes with two bathrooms will generally sell faster than those with one. This is most likely because the extra bathroom creates privacy for when guests are over. However, the most important thing is to ensure your bathroom is sparkling clean. Dirt stained tiles will put off anyone, including me.


As mentioned earlier, potential buyers need to be initially attracted to the home from the outside. What most people do not realize is that painting can make or break a deal in selling a home. If the roof or exterior finishes has ugly peelings, clogged gutters, or moss-covered water marks, no one will suppose the inside looks any better. Home improvement and remodelling is bliss once you set your mind to seeing your home through the eyes of the buyers, and the increase in its value.