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The Legacy of Dougal Thornton


Dougal Thornton

Most residents of the VI, and many who have visited here, certainly know the name Dougal Thornton. Aside from being many things: graphic designer, chef, rugby enthusiast, to name a few,  Dougal was in the top ranks of a handful of prolific photographers who capture the astonishing beauty, culture, and people of the Territory. He was also famous for his Virgin Islands calendar that he produced for 32 years, and that showcased his iconic images of the islands. 

Though Dougal passed away last year, his legacy lives on through his sons. Having had time to reflect, they thought the best way to honour their father would be to continue to produce his calendar. Likely no easy feat for them, they completed the task, and the 2021 calendar is here!

Dougal’s images speak for themselves, and this new calendar, which is now out and available at retailers such as Nutmeg & Co, will make the perfect gift for your loved ones this year.  Give the gift that lasts an entire year: a superior reflection of our beautiful islands.