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ICE CRYSTAL – an excellent choice for a young entrepreneur


“Ice Crystals,” to many might sound like an exquisite drink created by one of the Virgin Islands finest mixologist or a fancy piece of jewellery from one of the many jewellers on the island. However, this is the chosen name for the carwash business owned and operated by 27-year-old Shoko Isaac otherwise called ‘Ice Clear’.

He noted the name stuck because he visualized making vehicles shiny as a newly minted penny once it leaves his establishment. It’s not uncommon
for people living in the BVI to have a car washing business as it is a small territory, and the best mode of transport is through private vehicles, making this an excellent choice for a young entrepreneur.

So, who exactly is Shoko Isaac, the man behind Ice Crystals?

Shoko grew up in the heart of Fat Hogs Bay and like most boys, he got into his fair share of trouble – minor troubles, that is. He attended Althea Scatliffe Primary School and did very well at school. During Summer Breaks, Shoko was fortunate, like many youths in his area, to attend the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) at age 13. From there, he fell in love with Basketball and began competing with the District Seven Basketball Team. Throughout his life, he dealt with a lot of challenges and high school was one such thing.

He attended the Technical Vocational Institute (Tech Voc) in Baughers Bay where he studied Air Conditioning and Computers. He finished his studies in 2012.
He attributed his success in high school to his teachers and Principals such as Mrs Cynthia Brannigan and Mr Elmore Stoutt who mentored him and encouraged him to be the best that he could be. However, he admitted at the time he did not take those lessons seriously and could pose a bit of distraction in class.  Nevertheless, the mentorship by his teachers would prove to be a guiding light for him as he navigates his way through life.

Immediately after completing his programme at Tech Voc., his first job was at a car wash in his village. He stayed in that job for three years. Little did he know
that his first work out of school would set the foundation for his journey in entrepreneurship. After leaving that job, Shoko dabbled a bit in construction to make
some extra cash but that was not a long-term venture.

Isaac loves playing pool and this love for the sport brought him into contact with one of the managers at Burkes Garage in 2019 where Shoko expanded his knowledge in Auto Mechanics. He got a job there where his job entailed not only working in the office but also learning about bodywork and assisting customers with washing their vehicles. However, Shoko could not see himself spending his young life “working for people”.

He spoke fondly of his friend Marshal Thomas, who along with his partner Amanda Debique was the catapult in pushing him to make his dream of having a car wash a reality. He recalled Marshal begging him to get up off the porch and start clearing the yard. Shoko sprang to attention the day he saw Marshal in the
yard, pulling weeds to make way for the car wash, and with Amanda, he went into overdrive.

The very next day they put their savings together and hired a backhoe and a three-yard truck to clear the yard and get the gravel, and step by step they kept pushing forward. Shoko was motivated, he was unemployed and felt he wasn’t fulfilling his desire to be financially independent. He had Amanda’s support, but he wanted to fulfil his role in the relationship. His mom (and cheerleader) also stepped in and assisted with the start-up capital and the proud owners of Ice Crystals opened for business on February 23, 2022.

Now, 27-year-old Shoko is the proud father of two; Shamoy and Shaheem Isaac, and runs the car wash with Amanda at his side. The old people always say behind every good man is a good woman and Shoko appreciated having her full support. Shamoy and Shaheem serve as his constant motivators; His hobby is reading and spending time with the boys. As a family man, he carries them to the beach every Sunday and makes time to play with them with their toys.

According to Shoko, “To be honest I see what it is to be a businessman now”. Waking in the morning, being accessible for customers, having proper inventory on hand, ensuring water is available etc. Shoko’s increased financial stability made his quest to succeed stronger. He explained, “I am making it at all costs; so I can say this is a big help for me. This can help me halfway in things I want to do and be”.

He wants to encourage every young person to never give up. They can start as small as possible. It might not be the best and it might not be big like others, but
continue working hard until you make it. “Every little thing count. Don’t focus on the bad-minded people; always do good and try your best, and work hard, no matter what. Your attitude determines your altitude. That’s your key to success; your attitude and your personality and your appearance” declares Shoko

No matter how rough the start is, it’s how you finish. And according to Shoko, the race isn’t finished, he has bigger dreams he wants to pursue, step by step.