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Men In Music in the Virgin Islands


Music is the language we speak, the sway of our bodies, and the sound of the waves. 

Our Territory’s rich history and culture are rooted in music.  Fungi Music (folk music), the Virgin Islands’ official music, dates back to slavery.  It is the music of our Annual Emancipation and every holiday celebration.  Due to exposure and technology, our musical appetite has grown over the years, and we have embraced a variety of musical genres.  VI Life & Style connected with a few of our musical gems and artists to learn how music has impacted their lives and the Territory.

Jovan Cline is a young man of the Virgin Islands. He defines himself as “a child of God, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. I am imperfect and passionate. I especially have a passion for growth. I have dedicated my life to assisting and initiating the growth of development of myself, my community, and every willing spirit I encounter. I love life. I appreciate being able to cry and laugh. I admire art, and I love to create it.”

LF:  Share with us some history of Jovan Cline, the artist.  How long have you been singing?

JC: I have been around music all my life. Everyone on my mom’s side of the family is an artist and musically inclined. My best memories of music come from moments around the piano with my mom, aunts, uncles, and grandparents at my grandparent’s house. Home in the Virgin Islands, my best memories of music come from the passion of caroling on Christmas Eve or the bliss of singing during worship. Moments that create those memories have been my reality forever.

LF:  Do you have any original music?

JC: Yes, I do. I have released a few songs like “I Believe”, “Never Defeated” and “Omnipotent” that can be found on streaming platforms. I also have songs that have been recorded as early as 2011 that might still be on YouTube. Beyond those, I have written a lot of songs that I am yet to record. I write all my songs, and I enjoy writing for other people as well.

LF:  How has music impacted your life?

JC: Music has been my anchor and my escape. Music summits the pinacol of expression. I am grateful God gave me the ability to use it the way I do. Music saves me. My most reassuring moments can be traced back to music. Whether it be angelic singing or a throat- rumbling chorus, the common factor of those moments is the gathering of family and the foundation of love. Every time I sing and listen to a song or melody that connects with me, I feel that love. I feel the acceptance, I feel the comfort, and I feel the freedom. Music keeps me going.

LF:  Details of your new project.

JC: I’m really enjoying my newest project called “Script. Free”. It’s a vlog where I mix my love of singing and speaking. I openly share my life experiences as they unfold and my life lessons as I learn. The title is a play on words with the double meaning of “Script Free”, as in I speak unscripted, and “Scripture Free”, as in I talk about God without quoting scripture. However, my latest musical project is called “Omnipotent”. It’s a song that truly represents my composure in life right now. I’ve been focused on worship style gospel music. I love worship. I also have more songs of varying styles on the way.

LF:  Why is music important to you and the success of the Territory?

JC: As I mentioned earlier, music is one of my connections to family, love, God, self-expression, and peace of mind. Just like the health of a house is determined by the quality of the bricks that come together that make it whole, I believe that any Territory’s success is determined by the wellness of the individuals that call it home. Music is an important tool to consider regarding wellness. Culturally, music can be used to tell the story of a people’s history to reinforce pride and patriotism. Therapeutically, a rich culture of music encourages safe self-expression. Economically, concerts and studios open the doors to job opportunities and visitors. Music can provide a healthy and beneficial lifestyle.

Connect with Jovan on Facebook as “Jovan Cline” and Instagram, @jovancline. You can find his music on Spotify, iTunes, D’Music, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud, and other streaming platforms. If you are in the Virgin Islands and see him, don’t be afraid to say hi.

Kitwan Maduro, Wrinisck De Leon Vanterpool as vocalists, and Wrisberg Rene De Leon Vanterpool as a guitar player and vocalist are known as 3G.  3G’s is a multicultural group infused with the Virgin Islands and Dominicano cultures. This dynamic trio performs great classics oldies to recent hits throughout the Territory. The genres vary from R&B, salsa, and pop to Latin pop and reggae that set any party on fire.   They classify themselves as Pop R&B with a splash of Latin. Dance floors are brought to life when 3G is on stage.

LF:  Share with us some history of the group.  How long have you been singing together, and how did the group come about?

3G: The 3G’s have been singing together since college times (H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Tortola) in 2015. It all started as a class, and after graduation, we decided to take our music to a professional level. That’s how we became the recording artist: 3G’s, which stands for Three Guys.

LF:  Share with our readers details on original music?

3G: In November 2020, we released our very first single ever: ‘Wrong Lover’. Available on all streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.).

Last year, in December, we also released our first Christmas song, “Home For Christmas”. Also available on all streaming services.

LF:  How has music impacted your lives?

3G: Since high school, the three of us as individuals wanted music to be part of our lives. Aside from having a normal ‘by the rules’ career to keep our parents calmed. Before we knew it, music became our main reason to go to college, even though it was not our major. Wrinisck and Rene have associate degrees in Electronic Engineering, and Kitwan has an associate degree in Maths.

LF:  Why is music important to you and the success of the Territory?

3G: Sports and the arts are some of the most recognizable means of success. There is no question that we have the talent on this island for both. Kyron McMaster is one of the many examples for sports internationally, but no one in the music scene represents us on an international level. None that our youth can follow or aspire. We want to change that.

Connect with 3G’s on all social media platforms to find out where they pop up next.  Rock out to their music on streaming platforms.

There is no doubt that men across all genres dominate the Music Scene in the Territory.  With artists such as Iyaz, Killa Toma, Priceless Tha Don,  Aaron, Njar, Brent Hoyt, Shine I,  Dwight Hutchinson, Jr,  Ritical, Oneyke, Ill Mindz, A.B.M., Swain Show, Trav P, and Hakeem the Dream, to name a few, there is no shortage of great music to embrace and feed the soul.  With each waking day, a new cohort of eager young men emerges on the scene with more edge, style, lyrics, and creativity than the last.  Our musical future looks bright. 

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