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Cakes By Trisette & Catering


As a child, I first realized my love and passion for baking bread after watching my grandfather Leopold Todman bake bread every Friday afternoon for his family. I can still remember watching from the corner of the door, him kneading the dough.

Years went by and my aunt, Mrs. Euna Browne-Todman, introduced me to the world of pastries and cooking; teaching us how to make cakes and tarts.  She loved making apple cakes. My mother Hyacinth Selkridge also a driving force in these areas, for months encouraged me to try out her black cake recipe. One Saturday night I finally did. You see, it was all about trial and error and me becoming the human hobart mixer LOL. Fast forwarding years later to present day.

My company, Cakes By Trisette and Catering was born in New Haven,Connecticut after professional academic  training was completed. A really close friend subsequently recommended me to one of her friends, after having previously sampled my cuisine from time to time. Unknown to me, this opened doors that I never imagined possible. At one event, a single individual who could handle both food and pastries were required. I totally understood that. This newly opened door facilitated by Mayor Tony Harp of New Haven Connecticut, paved the path for similar opportunities with clients such as: United States Representative Rosa Delaura, United States Senator Chris Murphy, NAACP chapter of New Haven, Dr. Gary, and Deborah Desir.


This exposure and these experiences were both humbling and edifying. The numerous long nights and hard work resulted in stronger and well-respected work ethics and techniques.

Humility and appreciation are the hallmark of Trisette’s.  Whenever opportunities arise for new events, I embrace every juncture and a pathway towards honing my culinary skillset. Being back in the BVI has taught me a lot of patience, which I might add has contributed greatly towards my personal and professional growth. Being offered opportunities to cater and bake meals and pastries for many individuals in the BVI has been tremendously fulfilling. Having had the pleasure of catering for Summer Sizzle 2023 and now 2024, solidifies in my mind that, “hey, maybe you just can cook and bake after all.

I was, and always will be very grateful for this opportunity. My words of encouragement to everyone is, “if your dream is to work in the culinary world: never give up. It may take time, but it will happen”.