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A Tale of Trails – BVI’s Best Hiking Trails


Contrary to being called, “Nature’s Little Secret”, it is not a surprise that the Virgin Islands is a popular destination.

From the massive boulders of The Baths to the sailing capital of the world, the Virgin Islands is world-renowned for its white sands and warm sapphire waters. What many people don’t know or realize is just how innumerable the natural areas for hiking and other outdoor activities are for adventurous spirits to enjoy! For anyone who considers hiking boots and a water bottle as a must-have item while on vacation, countless places in the Virgin Islands offer unparalleled sights and an exhilarating adrenaline rush. So, keep reading for a tale of trails that will surely get you eager to go outside, giving you a whole new way to experience the Virgin Islands!


aerial view of Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Plan your next outdoor adventure with the Devil’s Bay trail. It is perfect for bird watching, hiking, and walking. This is an easy and relatively short trail that almost anyone can do! It begins at The Baths, after taking the short walk from the parking lot at the top to get to the beach below. You can also swim in from a dinghy or small boat just off the beach. Then, you will experience the natural beauty and breathtaking caves as you swim and walk through house-sized boulders. There are rope lines and wooden ladders with platforms to help you get across some of the boulders. After your hike, if you are looking for even more adventure, dare to dive into the sea from some of the higher boulders or swim around with a mask and snorkel to see some of these incredible rock formations underwater!


The highest point on Virgin Gorda at 1,370ft, Gorda Peak is another wonderful trail that will excite any explorer! This moderate trail is accessible from the road and transportation is needed to get there. There are two trails you can take to get to the peak. If you are coming up from the Valley, the first trailhead that you will see is the start of the longer trail. If you drive further up and begin at the trailhead that’s higher up, you will have a shorter hike. From there, the trail is a steady hike to the peak. On your way up, experience the beautiful flora and fauna of the trail! Keep your eyes peeled for the world’s smallest lizard, the endemic Virgin Gorda gecko. At the peak, you will find a treehouse platform where you can climb up, look out and take in all the picturesque views of the Virgin Islands! Alternatively, there are also a few nearby boulders that you can climb to experience the view while being captivated by the wonderful archipelago at North Sound. On a good day, Anegada can be seen on the horizon to the northeast. You will also find a picnic area where the east and west trails connect.


This trail offers a magnificent hike on the island of Jost Van Dyke. This relatively easy and short hike takes you to a natural pool where the water flows through a narrow gap, creating nature’s best Jacuzzi. Starting at the dock, you make a right turn by the bar and walk along the shoreline. As you hike, you can enjoy the stunning view of the mangroves and breaking surf in the distance. As soon as you reach the end of the path through the mangroves, the trail will continue up a rocky path, leading you to the bubbly pool. Reward yourself after the hike by taking a dip. Swim with the waves breaking over you and swirling in the bubbly pool!


This famous yacht club doesn’t just offer amazing food and quality customer service. While there, you will also find beautiful walkways that allow you to immerse yourself in all that nature has to offer. There is also a beautiful mangrove trail that will take you to Biras Creek Resort not far away. From the dinghy dock, you simply follow the stone path to the right until you get to the mangroves. From there, you hike further until you reach the unpaved road. From there, you can take a left turn that will take you to a beach where you can enjoy a swim. To get to Biras Creek, turn right and explore the resort where yet another trail takes you to the top of the hill.

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