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Sold sweetly


Whether it is an easy or difficult decision to sell your house, here are some great tips to present the best impression of your property to the potential buyer. After all, first impressions are lasting and determine the price that buyers are willing to pay.

Come along, let’s make your property the best it’s ever been and bring in the sweetest price.

This list has been compiled just for you.

  1. Pressure Wash driveway and decks– it may look normal to you but it is not a pleasant sight to others. You may not notice the amount of dirt that has accumulated over a period of time but this is one of the first things that stands out or off!
  2. Mow lawn and give flowers a fresh touch- Landscaping is an essential component to bring out any home and should never be overlooked or underestimated. A tastefully arranged yard in full bloom or a few welcoming floral arrangement indoors can go a long way in making statements and setting the mood. So go ahead, get dirty!
  3. A fresh coat or two of paint – Just as that confidence boost that comes with a new outfit, give your departing home a new look from the inside out. Get a professional to do the job and ensure that it is not about how you would want it, but think outside the box and have some fun while doing it.
  4. Keep it clean and organized – Show off your property as neat and organized as possible! No one wants to come home to a cluttered place and neither should those you are trying to impress.
  5. Ahhh fragrance! – Admit it, we all love the wonderful light scent of full blooms, clean laundry, wood and spice or spring. It gives you this automatic smile and feeling to dance and lift your glass in cheer to something great. Make buyers make a toast to their new home and your old home!
  6. Add new life to kitchen cabinets and drawers – Ever try giving that old dress a new look with that brand new set of accessories? Or that old suit with a sweet new tie? It’s the perfect way to get a new pep in your step with limited spending and it is something that you can incorporate in your kitchen. Replace pulls and handles on kitchen cabinets and drawers to make them shine.
  7. Brighter lights – turn on the spotlight in the shadows by installing light bulbs with higher wattage. A bright, clean space is ideal and affordable to any budget.
  8. New front door knobs and yes hinges please! -Most times the front door knobs and hinges are so tired, they need an everlasting break from use. Bring in the new replacements full of shine and sparkle and say goodbye to the old ones!
  9. Set the tone, musically- nothing beats a low soothing jazzy tune or instrumental, or perhaps something equally soothing. While this may or may not have an influence on potential buyers, you will definitely get a confidence boost when you present your home.
  10. Picking the right Realtor –You can do all we said and the Realtor sucks, your chances of selling quickly at a sweet price just went down the drain. Ensure that your pick is a marketing guru and one hungry to get your property sold at the best price.