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Physical Therapy – Do I need It?


Physical Therapists play a major role in matters of movement and function.  Lifting your hands above your head, bending to collect a fallen coin, being able to pick up your children/grandchildren, or grab hold of a pen…we take these things for granted until we lose them.  This is where Therapy Works welcomes the opportunity to help people achieve their rehabilitative goals.  We are movement experts!

Therapy Works is an Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy organization operating in the Virgin Islands since 2006. With locations in the USVI and the BVI, we serve a broad spectrum of the community to reduce pain and improve function.


What We Do

Our services include exercises, manual therapies, modalities, and other functional rehabilitation activities.  We treat Musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as back pain, rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, and trigger finger to name a few.   Rehabilitative programs or Plans of Care vary in length from one visit to several visits a week over multiple weeks.  This allows the body to heal at a natural rate and progress function. The length of your plan of care depends on the level of disability and your overall commitment to achieving your goals. In addition to conventional physical therapy services, Therapy Works specializes in the treatment of the spinal and general orthopedics; sport-specific biomechanical analyses; and ergonomic assessments.  We reach out to and invite any company to book us for an ergonomic presentation to understand how to make the workplace/space functional and capitalize on staff wellness.  Companies and schools that use this to their advantage find that it reduces stress and increases productivity. This also improves their attitudes towards their job.  Poor ergonomics can lead to a number of serious physical problems.  It affects nerves, tendons, tendon sheaths and muscles specifically in the arms, hands and wrists. 

Health & Wellness Program

We are in the process of rolling out our NEW Health and Wellness Program!  This program will serve the community in tackling some major diseases that we find prominent in this region, most common, diabetes and hypertension.  Our goal is to bring to the forefront the effects these diseases are having in our territory and propose solutions for prevention, management, and care.  There are those who are borderline diabetics or hypertensive and need help with keeping it at bay.  Most of these diseases are preventable and for those already living with it, it’s not a death sentence.  It can be managed with diet, exercise, and a great support system.  This is where our wellness program aims to fill that void.  We won’t let you go through it alone!  We will be there to provide regular checks depending on your needs, create exercise modules and meal plans where needed.  The old tale “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” is certainly the moto to adopt, however, if you find yourself in situations where that pound of cure is needed, reach out to us for help!