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Exploring Mount Healthy & Brewers Bay


Stroll, Lounge, and Swim

VI Life & Style adventurers decided it was time for a day of tranquility – peace, and quiet.  The adventure started atop Mount Healthy, where some time was spent exploring its National Park. It boasts of a one-of-a-kind windmill from the 18th century, once a part of a sugar mill plantation.  It still stands tall with its thick stone structure, thanks to the preservation work that was done by National Parks Trust.  The artistry of the work is amazing, and according to Nation Parks Trust history, slaves harvested and processed raw sugarcane into sugar at this site.

Don’t be fooled; there is a footpath for a leisurely stroll along the boundaries of the park.  Be adventurous and take the stroll, it’s short, but it can leave you a bit breathless. Fortunately, the park has picnic benches strategically placed to offer visitors some level of comfort while relaxing and taking in the scenery.  The tree coverage lends for a cool sanctuary. Take a seat on a bench or choose to spread a blanket on the grass; either way, you are in for a moment of relaxation.  Walk with a good book to read or a light snack.  Just remember, leave it cleaner than you met it.

After a quick stroll and a moment of relaxation at the Mount Healthy National Park, it was off to Brewers Bay to explore more of Nature’s Little Secrets. Snuggled between two hills, Brewers Bay is a retreat in itself, with the beach spanning the entire length of the bay.  What a sight to behold, sheer beauty!

On the western end of Brewers Bay is home to the Isis Villa, a hideaway retreat, and Nicole’s Restaurant Bar and Grill known for its scrumptious meals.  Unfortunately, sampling the food was not an option since the restaurant was closed.

Nonetheless, there was still more to explore.  Along the roadside in the middle of the bay stands an 18th-century sugar mill that was once used to grind sugar cane – with the juice extracted being used to make sugar or rum.  Other ruins were also sited on the opposite side of the road throughout the trees.  So don’t forget to look up if you are in the area.

Brewers Bay Beach is a great place to snorkel with its many reefs to explore.  As a matter of fact, two snorkelers were doing just that.  The water was calm and crystal clear; schools of fish were seen swimming near the shore.  Further out at sea, a hungry flock of birds could be spotted attacking the water; nothing more than lunch was in sight.

What better way to end the day’s adventure than by taking a swim in the inviting water and lounging on the sand.  The quietness of the atmosphere embraces you.  Time to lay back, relax and chill for a while.  Until the next journey… Bye!