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From Shovel to Key, Make your Dreams a Reality!



Do you dream of building your home from the ground up? Whatever your dream house may be, you would agree that those awe-inspiring structures didn’t emerge out of the blue. Even a sky-high dream requires a down-to-earth plan of action. Getting the right people for the job is crucial in achieving your construction goals, and the right people for any construction job can be found at Atlas Construction (BVI) LTD. Atlas Construction’s acting Managing Director, Vaughn Williams Dyer, shared with us just how the company has been building dreams for over 12 years.


A friend once said to Vaughn, “Don’t say you’re making a plan – because a plan can change. Instead, say you’re going to make the vision because the vision can’t change”. These very words have formed the foundation that the company is now built on. The company started as every business does, with a dream. But this evolved in 2009 when Kieran Scatliffe decided to be, Vaughn says, “the dreamer who dared” and officially established the company. Vaughn himself is also a dreamer and has been dreaming about a career in the world of construction since the tender age of 12.

“I knew I’d made up my mind at the age of 12; I had a fond interest in buildings, and I still love to admire structures. I studied them at that young age for both their form and their function, and over the years, I would discover faults in their design and envisioned other solutions for spaces and orientations. By the time I was mid-teen, I could read plans, layout and set profiles, deck, form columns, and beams, make up reinforcement (which is tough), know the different mixes, render, and screed concrete. I also knew tiling, basic cabinetry, and painting.” – Vaughn


As a result of dreams like Kieran’s and Vaughn’s, Atlas Construction has become one of the leading construction companies in the Virgin Islands. “Today we see the dreams of some of our most visionary business owners being lived out on the crescent of our atmosphere”, Vaughn told us, “because they dared to dream and chase the vision”.

Today, Atlas Construction is a one-stop construction service. Although construction is their primary service, the company has many other offerings. The company is committed to creating new and innovative services for the public, and Vaughn has even shared one of its latest initiatives. “To each and every reader,” he began, “that the time for you to take a step to own your own home can now be realised with Atlas Construction Ltd. through our Home Ownership Programme for Everyone (HOPe) initiative.”  This HOPe initiative is one that, when initiated, will guarantee a path to homeownership. It will directly foster a sustainable system and be backed entirely by a corporation founded by the programme’s members. When asked why he is so passionate about homeownership, Vaughn told us:

I wish to embark on a building system to serve the needs of an aging and statistically inequitable youth population desiring to ‘put down a foundation. We are near the age where borrowing funds would be more sternly evaluated due to age limitations and wealth (usually capital), in which many may never get the opportunity. This is a conscious decision to take the next few years and commit me to expand the idea of forming a functioning system to assist Virgin Islanders on a path to homeownership through the HOPe programme”.

Vaughn added that future promotion dates and sign-up activities would be advertised and held in August 2021.

With a firm focus on quality, the company also provides a wide range of other services to the public and private sectors, including design-build assistance, general contracting, construction management, estimating design services, and all phases of trade contracting.



  • Architectural Services: Atlas Construction plans and designs solutions for any aspect of construction, whether it be home or industry.
  • General Construction: They are committed to meeting each project’s specific requirements with a high-quality service.
  • Project/Construction Management: They facilitate independently or collectively – the management of projects to the standards set forth in the industry. They procure required bills and oversee the construction to the specifications within contract documents produced to ensure optimum project quality.
  • Quantity Surveying: Clients will work with construction industry professionals with expert knowledge to establish project budgets, estimate construction values, and monitor costs and contracts. They provide clients with detailed bills of quantities; a spreadsheet of incremental build-ups of materials and activities describing the likely cost for the physical completion of a plan, structure, or scope of work.
  • Equipment Rental: No matter what equipment you are looking to rent, Atlas Construction is here to help you every step of the way. The company makes it convenient and simple to locate the right construction equipment for you.
  • Consultation: They offer consultancy services in preliminary work and during construction on a wide range of building projects.
  • Design Assistance/ Design: When a client requires specific outcomes for a project, the company aids the design team by identifying aspects of the design that need improvement and offer solutions based on our years of experience.
  • Specialist Installations: Currently, the company is certified by DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time), which provides office desk systems and glass partitions in any configuration. Atlas is also pursuing other certifications to further the credibility of the company.

Every project has its requirements, and it must maintain a schedule and keep costs in line with budgets. Therefore, the company undertakes and harnesses the latest advances in materials to offer their clients the best quality, efficient, and safety products. And of course, as a dream cannot be realised without action, each project would not be accomplished without the perfect team. That’s why the company has compiled a team of exceptionally trained engineers who provide expert services, with the added value of local knowledge for every stage of the construction process.

With such a dedicated and exemplary team of professionals, there is no doubt that they will make your dreams a reality as they deliver a complete, safe and successful construction project.


Take a look at their gallery of past projects to get inspired, and contact them today at (284) 547-8656 for a consultation.

With Atlas Construction (BVI) LTD, they take your dreams from idea to reality. So whether you are interested in a complete home renovation, a revamped outdoor living area for your family to enjoy, or upgrading your office –– they are here to get their hands dirty and get it done.

They leave the dreaming to you.