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Decorating small spaces for the holidays


Nothing cheers up your spirits and adds character to your home like a few strings of light and some decorations during the holiday season, despite having a small space to work with. Being festive during the holiday season is really fun. It makes your home come alive and makes you merrier even though you have to be more creative and use your space wisely.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a special treat, but hauling up a huge tree to make your small space more cramped is not the ideal situation, however, don’t let that stop you from having one. So if you fall into the “short on space” bracket, there are a couple excellent remedies to your situation. You could choose a beautiful, artificial table-tree or something in a smaller size that can be placed in such a way that it won’t take up a lot of space. A tree doesn’t have to take up a large amount of room! All that is left for you to do is adorn with your favorite Christmas decorations.

Decorate With What You Have

Additional ideas for decorating includes placing soft, white lights around windows or sliding glass doors. The White lighting gives off a warm and cozy air as opposed to the multi-colored ones. However, the choice is up to you to opt for lighting that gives you the most comfort.

Dress up mirrors, floor lamps or other shelving in your apartment with lights, for a soft, happy feeling, which also gives off an elegant mood.

You can ponder on decorating bookshelves, with a coloured wreath, to add a pretty hue to the lighting. A wreath now comes in a variety of colors, like silver, gold, blue, and red, take your pick to go along with it. You may also add some holiday stockings since most small apartments do not have mantles.

Another great area to spice up is your outside porch or balcony for string lighting décor. You can either let them stand alone or brighten them up with some red ribbons and a wreath to complete your holiday look. If you have some more space to play with, a small artificial tree with all the works can be in that area too.

When the night comes calling, there is no scene more beautiful like a well-lit Christmas scene in the place you call home.

Don’t forget your kitchen is also in need of some attention!!

Place some simple selective decorative hand towels, pot holders, and holiday dishcloths. These might include little Christmas tree designs, bells, or other holiday delights. Put an assortment of scented candles that you fancy on your counter space.

These scents are perfect for the creation of that warm and fuzzy Christmas ambiance in your kitchen. The idea is to include small, yet personal, touches here and there throughout your apartment.

You can’t afford the floor space to go all out, but you can downsize and still come out looking like a boss. Go ahead and get started.