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By Keiyia J. George

The name Kea in Hawaiian means white. So picture a white rose that has newly budded, closed around itself tightly, protected by its petals. Nothing can get in but it’s slowly coming out. With each day, it welcomes new opportunities to grow. With each passing moment, it learns who it is: a representation of innocence. White roses have a special significance. They carry, no doubt, the ultimate floral symbol of innocence. They carry a certain serenity and peace about them that is bound to be felt by anyone receiving it. A blossomed white rose is so subtle and it’s this subtlety that makes it versatile and perfect for any occasion. These flowers are just as enchanting as they are complex.

Now back to the topic at hand… Picture Kea Herbert. Young with a beautiful smile that’s always hidden. You only know it’s beautiful when it peeks out. She is surrounded by a loving family. You wouldn’t know that the beauty hidden in the petals of a white rose was just waiting to burst out. And here she is! And Beauty is her name! Well, K.Marie Beauty is her name.

Kea didn’t know she would be an entrepreneur. She figured she’d take part in her family’s businesses (J&C Trading and MBH Taxi Services). She actually never really wore makeup until her high school senior year prom. This would be a prom that would open her eyes to possibilities.  

“After seeing how amazing it enhanced my natural beauty, I became obsessed!” And our white rose blossomed!

This Young Entrepreneur is only 25 years old. She didn’t know she would be a make-up artist. She didn’t know she would be an entrepreneur, but here she is. She debuted in August of 2019 with her first product, the Brow Pomade with Applicator Brush.

“The support is so overwhelming and such a great feeling! Most of my clients are at home in the Virgin Island, which was expected and is why I chose to launch my product there. My family is very supportive as well. I think this is something they expected from me because they know how obsessed I am with makeup. All I know is they are very proud of me for investing in something I truly love. K.Marie Beauty provides exceptional beauty products, services and expertise to women of all shades and backgrounds. I am very much committed to addressing all beauty needs and making sure everyone is satisfied with my work and their purchases,” Kea shared.

Like a white rose (elegant, innocent, and versatile), K.Marie Beauty is the same. When she does your makeup, you are left with a versatile look that is elegant, yet innocent. She isn’t out to change your look. Rather, she wants the rose in you to bloom as well.  She takes the rosebud of who you are, nurtures it, and then helps you open up so that the world can see the beauty you had closed inside of you.

Her brow line is the same.  Kea was proud to let the readers know that, “I get quite a bit of compliments on my eyebrows daily! One day I was getting ready for work. You know, just doing my makeup and the idea just popped in my head! I knew I had to execute! I know a lot of young business owners in the Virgin Islands, but all seemed to be similar in some way and I don’t like to be like everyone else, so it was definitely not the wave I wanted to get on. So, I did my research. I had a little help along the way from those I shared my idea with and I’m so grateful for them their words for encouragement and support!”

Kea-Marie (yes, she goes by her full first name now), is letting you in on a little secret. “She doesn’t know it yet, but my Aunty, Roma Osowo, inspired me a lot. Watching her get back into her passion of creating beautiful art pieces inspired me to follow my passion and my dreams.”  

Kea-Marie is ready to return home. When she is not doing her marketing, updating her social media accounts (she has to keep you up-to-date on what the Beauty line has going on), doing make-up for clients or handling her business, she is at work. “I work full time at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games as a receptionist in Orlando Fl. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. I get asked a lot why I work at Andretti and not in Ulta or Sephora but I wish I had an answer for that. But my next big move is moving back home! Yes, I said it! I am so ready to come back home. I’ve been gone for five years and I think now is the time and because I miss my family! For my business, I’m hoping to grow even more and to bring out more products. I actually have a new product I am hoping to launch this new year and I cannot wait to show the world!”

Kea-Marie reminds everyone to always start their day off with a clean, fresh face. “In my day to day routine, I always start off with a fresh, clean face, then proceed to do my brows. I then move on to prepping my face for foundation and everything else. I think my favorite part about doing my makeup is my eyebrows and my eyeliner.”

She hasn’t forgotten where she comes from and thanks everyone for pushing her forward. Kea-Marie said that the compliments and encouraging words from those who follow and know her keep her going. When things look tough, they are a reminder of the support she has near and far. She misses her family here in the Virgin Islands but has instituted game nights with those closest to her. I think it is safe to say our rosebud has really blossomed into a beautiful rose.

K.Marie Beauty’s aim is to “provide exceptional beauty products, services, and expertise to women of all shades and backgrounds. We are committed to addressing all your beauty needs and making sure you are satisfied with your purchase.” You can find out more by visiting the website – www.kmarieeebeauty.com.