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20 Ways to show love


Compiled below are 20 some ways to make your partner feel like they are only one in your world!

Meet Marcus. Marcus is a video game ‘nut’. He is the kind of guy who would be engrossed in a video game for hours, sometimes isolating his wife of two years and their one-year-old son.

One day, his wife Sarah was feeling slightly under the weather and wanted an extra dose of tender loving care. Eying him at his usual spot, she slid in the seat next to him on the couch and gently touched him on his arm and posed a question that she had been playing around in her mind for some time now: “Do you love me more than the game?”

Baffled, Marcus considered the question and finally responded, “Play Station or XBOX?”

While most men would never make a slip-up of that extent, they too often miss the opportunity to affirm that woman in their life! Relationships are not games, nor are they a place for verbal jabs or cynical put-downs. And while this would be a nice dig among the boys, your lover will not be amused.
What does Marcus’s lover/ wife, your wife, and all women need? Affirmation. Lots of it. Soft, tender, thoughtful, unexpected, meaningful, heartfelt affirmation. Such is the same for Marcus and other men.

Here are twenty ways to cherish your partner that does not involve sexual intercourse:

1. Hug and kiss every morning when you awake and before leaving the house. Research shows that relationships that practice this simple discipline are much healthier than those that don’t.
2. Link hands for a few moments during a drive even for a few moments. Allow your fingers to be intertwined.
3. Love notes are pretty cool as well as thoughtful, so go ahead, scribble some heartfelt words to your lover, on the bathroom mirror, in socks, breakfast tray, etc.
4. Ring their phone line during work and say, “I’ve been thinking of how honored I am to have you in my life.”
5. Go to bed at the same time every day for a week; just have some deep heart to heart conversation, read a book or play a game that you played which you both enjoyed during your early days as a couple.
6. Comb each other’s hair and give out compliments.
7. Try your hand at making breakfast on the weekends and give your partner a break to sleep in longer.
8. Take his/her car to the gas station, fill the tank, vacuum the floor mats, and clean the windows. When you park it at the house, leave a note on the dashboard with just a heart and the words, “Thinking of you.”
9. Write a short but sweet love letter, listing several ways that he/she has blessed you this year.
10. Put down the phone or turn off the computer, and say, “Why don’t we go for a walk and talk? I’d love to hear about your day.”
11. Initiate daily prayer. This one spiritual discipline has transformed millions of relationships. Make a commitment, and then begin to pray together every day. Begin by giving thanks for each other and your family, then pray about your worries and challenges.
12. Say, “Thank you,” after every meal served. Then assist with clearing the table or offer to do the dishes together.
13. Each day try to say, “I love the way you _______,” and fill in the blank with something you’ve observed.
14. When the alarm goes off in the morning, wrap your arm around each other and cuddle for several minutes. When you leave, say, “I wish I didn’t have to go.”
15. When you are together in a crowd, find a way to brag about each other’s qualities.
16. The morning after making love, touch each other tenderly and say genuinely how wonderful every experience was.
17. Grow a garden of your favorite flowers or vegetables together and watch them blossom!
18. Gentlemen, while she studies her face in the mirror, come up behind her and gently kiss the back of her neck, saying something cute like, “God broke the mold after He made you. You are one of a kind beauty.”
19. Resurrect common courtesies such as opening the car door for her as you did when you dated, pull out her chair for her at the dinner table, offer your arm while walking down stairs, and help her put her coat on.
20. If she’s doing the laundry, pull yourself away from whatever you’re doing and offer to bring the hamper.

We all need to be cherished and loved, so spread the love and I can guarantee that you will be rewarded, since after all, happy wife/husband, happy life! Agreed? You’ll never know unless you try, right?