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When you look good, you feel good


We understand that feeling good is so important.  There are so many ways to ensure that you look after and pamper yourself.

The below are tips and ideas about looking after yourself and helping you look good and feel great in these difficult times.  Here are ways we can help you feel good and look good.


New research is constantly being published about the importance of sleep and how it affects your day-to-day well being.  The US National Institute of Health states that adults should regularly get between 7-9 hours of “beauty” sleep per night.  Invest in comfortable bedding and create a calm and peaceful bedroom with soft lights.  New pillows, either hypoallergenic or down and feather, as well as fresh pillowcases, always feel good and if a new comforter or mattress is a bit of stretch at the moment, try this instead.

Create Positive Energy

Smudging Sage and Palo Santo work separately to cleanse a space.  However, they can be more powerful in tandem.  Think about sage moving negative energy out and Palo Santo moving positive energy in.  Alternate them for balance.  Crystals are also very helpful for peace of mind and wellbeing.  Choose between Amethyst for healing, Quartz for clarity, or Yellow Jasper for happiness – there are many to choose from, and you can pick and choose depending on how you are feeling.

Create a Scented Mood

Diffusers and candles to perfume a room are very popular.  Diffusers are preferred as they constantly scent a space, whereas a candle needs more attention.  Different scents can make you feel differently.  Try Lavender for relaxation, Rosemary for calm, or more heady musky scents depending on your mood. 

Beauty Regimes

Good skincare and body products help make you feel good and let you pamper yourself.  A good skincare regime really does make a difference, and looking good makes you feel good. Sunscreen is vital in our environment. Vitamin C and retinol should all be part of your skincare programme.  There are different price points available, and we are always on the hunt for new products that work well.

Look Good

Most of us have not been able to travel for at least a year.  This can be very frustrating, and we have re-organised the shop to offer a more extensive boutique offering.  We are happy to help you try on and play with clothes and sell a variety of items, so whether you are looking for a crisp linen shirt for the office or a silky kaftan for a smart beach party, we can help.  We try to keep the collection fresh, with new items arriving every couple of weeks.