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Indulge in Sexy Food to Get You in the Mood


The sexual nature of food is something that goes unnoticed by most of us. Throughout history, sex and food have a long association. A prepared meal with love and romance in mind can be capable of creating magic.

Is there a better way to set the scene for romance than to prepare a night to remember with your date or lover by indulging in rich yummy food, good wine and a table for two in a romantic setting?

The most beneficial way to create a perfect ambience and to introduce food to stimulate the mood is to ensure the table is prepared with romance and love in mind. The best chefs are often quoted by commenting on how great food is when created with love.

If you are dating someone to make a special impression, charm them with sultry foods and flavours they will relish. Use variations by arranging different textures and tastes. Finger foods are a sexy inclusion which can be swapped and fed to each other.

Indulging in sexy food in an outdoor environment such as a picnic at a secluded location can enhance your sensual experience. After you’re done with lunch, the scene is set to pursue other sexy activities – take a blanket.

Whether you are on a date in a classy restaurant, or are taking advantage of the creature comforts of home, take a look at some of these sexy ideas on how to combine food with gourmet love.

The dietary requirements for a long fulfilling life of great sex should incorporate varieties of fresh, nutritious vegetable and fruit including low fat proteins. Apart from the obvious health benefits of a balanced diet, meals rich in fruit and vegetables increase our energy levels and maintain our organs to peak levels.


Fruit is full of antioxidants and fiber and is soaked with aphrodisiac attributes. Fruit is refreshing, nutritious and is acknowledged in erotic literature in many countries. There are some 350 varieties of fruit across the world. Indulge in fruit often with a fresh admiration of its sexy attributes.


Eggplant, carrots, cucumbers, asparagus and other male shaped vegetables have for many centuries been esteemed for their aphrodisiac outcomes. Whilst it’s difficult to imagine such foods as sexy these ancient pleasures animate our bodies with injections of vitamins and minerals.

Hand feed your date a luscious piece of mango, some juicy grapes and sip champagne whilst taking a warm bubble bath. Also try finger foods like olives and raw carrot sticks with dip.

Throw all of this great food in with a massage and hot oils and you will leave an impression to last a lifetime.

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