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So, you think Every Day is Christmas?


Back in the day, as a child, whenever I expressed an expectation that was considered too high for the occasion, my grandmother would just say to me in a ‘matter-of-fact’ voice, asking the question that didn’t need an answer: “You think every day is Christmas?”

Even if I knew what to say then, I wouldn’t have had the temerity to continue trying to argue with her. “What you mean by…?” was another favorite ‘shutter-upper’. You dared not attempt to have the last word under those circumstances.

But, by God’s grace, and after many dangers, toils, and tears, through which I’ve already come, today I can boldly say: “Yes, I believe every day is Christmas if you choose to live your faith in Jesus Christ.”

You see, the story of our Saviour’s birth cannot be separated from the story of our Saviour’s death and resurrection. And for those of us who claim the Gift of Salvation, through Christ, we have Christmas running in our veins.

  • Every day is Christmas when you open the gift of a New Day.
  • Every day is Christmas when you unveil the Promise of a new life with renewed Hope.
  • Every day is Christmas when you experience God’s forgiveness made possible by the Cross.
  • Every day is Christmas, as long as the day has anything to do with Christ.

We often sing the worship song: “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it”.  This song isn’t merely talking about the 25th of December, it’s referring to each and every single day that is just as good and special as Christmas Day!

So, I challenge anyone to ask me if I think ‘every day is Christmas’ again!

I am not a Christmas-crazy person by any means. It took me four years to get new curtains and make over a room. It had been years before I went to a Christmas concert, and I always wait until I can’t avoid it any longer to send out Christmas cards.

I don’t sit down and plan a Christmas list of things to do, places to go, or people to see (or presents to buy). I don’t do a Christmas wish list for myself (because I just can’t think of anything that I want that badly)!

It’s not that I am related to the Scrooge or anything like that; it’s just that all the things that some people do only at Christmas time, I’m busy doing them all year long!

God is really good to us, and we should certainly find time to celebrate His goodness. I like to find that time all during the year because it makes me feel good, and it pleases God too when His children remember Him more than once a year!

I love to see people having a good time at Christmas. It hurts, though, somewhat that some find it necessary to take the “Christ” out of “Christmas” and replace it with an “X”. But that won’t change my views. I am never ever going to be an “X-ian”!

Have a Blessed Holiday Season with Christ! And new hope for the New Year!

© 2016 by Sandra Phillip Hodge

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