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New Year? New Me!


I’m sitting at my desk, and the computer screen stares back at me with the impatient blinking of the cursor where I stopped mid-way on a financial report that I was trying desperately to complete, before the deadline, one day away.

My hands rest on the brand new desk made in a deep shade of charcoal gray intertwined with glass that I was dying to have to complement my light green and orange décor that I just paid a fortune for. An arrangement of an assortment of fresh long stemmed roses graced one side, and beneath was a family portrait of my twins boys, my husband and I while we were looking at the fireworks last year, signaling the start of the New Year. The photo had captured a long and deeply passionate kiss like many others do that time of year and the boys were looking on with amusement reflected in their four-year-old faces.

That was almost one year ago already. I recall it like it was yesterday; the goals I set for this new year-2016, which is almost over and I am nowhere closer to accomplishing it.

I absentmindedly glanced at my gold and black Raynell watch on my wrist and saw that it was close to lunch time. I immediately felt hungry so I abandoned my report and headed for the small refrigerator that stood in the kitchenette on the right for my bowl. It was a hefty lunch of barbecue chicken, pasta salad, a delicious green salad, an apple, and water.

The sight made me smile, today’s lunch was prepared by my husband-Chris, and it was looking very appealing, not too many excessive fats like I would normally do. After retrieving it I made a beeline towards the glass wall with the small table for four that overlooked the expansive coast on the eastern side of Tortola and sighed.

In the distance, some people were having all the fun in the world. At least three young ladies were on a parasailing adventure and a handful was cruising the clear waters of the Virgin Islands. It was another beautiful day in paradise, but it all eluded me, any other day I would indulge but today my promise of 2016 being a brand new year for a brand new me was not going on the course and to make matters even worse, the end of the year was less than a month away.

I had sworn to myself, that I would shed some body fat and get into a more comfortable size so that when I have to run I wouldn’t be so out of breath like I’m about to get an asthma attack. I started going to the gym faithfully every two days in January but when I was promoted to the post of Manager, my time after work was significantly reduced since I had a much larger plate to deal with, and still find time for my family. As a result, the workout sessions began being replaced by the board meetings, and the deadlines. The nice flat tummy that was beginning to show was gone into the breeze.

I had also promised to eat healthier-lean meats and eliminate all forms of fats and oils, and dairy products, and opt for whole grains, greens, and the whole works. Looking at my past meals, they didn’t even come close.

Another resolution was to have some family outing every six months. The second one is due soon and we have not gone on the first, which has been a sore spot for my family who was all dressed and packed for the trip to Virgin Gorda for the weekend. An emergency came up at the last minute that as Manager I had to handle, so the magic of the moment was lost and we did not go anywhere. Surprisingly, my family didn’t bring it up much, but it hounded me on days like these when I felt the demands of my job weighing on me.

Just thinking of it made me depressed.

My lunch was now history and I was relaxing for a few minutes before heading back to work when the Virgin Islands Life & Style Magazine caught my eye and I reached for it.

It was brand new, and smelled fresh off the press too! I took my time in scanning the contents until I stopped in the health section and my breath caught, it was exactly what I wanted. I took a moment and read.

Steps to making a new year’s resolution actually work!

  • Pick one at a time

I know there can be so many changes that you would like to see in your life but take baby steps, and do it one at a time. Don’t try to make a whole list and expect that it will work. It won’t. Instead, sift through it and pick the one that stands out and work on it.

What you must remember is to be realistic and also take it in stride. If you are successful with the first change you can go ahead and consider making another.

  • Planning in advance

In order to be effective in anything, proper planning is important. The same is true for New Year’s resolutions. Conduct adequate research on the change that you want to make in your lifestyle. In order words, put the necessary mechanisms in place for that change. If it’s getting into that cocktail dress, that means exercising and eating better and drinking lots of water. Ensure that you have your exercise gear, hype music, and stock your refrigerator and pantry with healthier foods. This way it becomes easier to stick with the plan.

  • Expect the downsides

The Bible says the wheat and the grass grow together, there will always be pros if there are cons, don’t let them show up like an unexpected visitor to your home.

Make a list of what those downsides may be and prepare for them.

  • Set a date to begin

Just so that you have a date in mind to go along with the goal. Circle it in red or bold colours on your home calendar, set a reminder on your telephone and tell your family and friends so that you have several reminders.

Make sure that it will be a date that you will be well rested so that your plans will be able to fall in place with all your energy and enthusiasm. On the other hand, at times a date does not work. Don’t pressure yourself unnecessarily, await your body and mind’s nudge to go ahead.

  • Go for it

Give it your all. Don’t hold back, go for the 100 per cent mark. Make the commitment visible by writing it down on a card.

Something short and sweet so that it can be easily carried in your wallet or car, seen by your bed or even your bathroom mirror. It can be something like:

  • I strive for a fit and healthy body.
  • I am committed to making my marriage work.
  • I am committed to learning how to run my own business.
  • I make time for my family.
  • Accept failure

If you do fail in any of your resolutions, don’t hate yourself for it.

Instead, make a note of the reasons for the failures and learn from them.

If you know that going out after work on a Friday night affects your plans, avoid doing it. Take stock of you and make it happen, you know you can do it and will!

  • Reward yourself!

Rewards are always amazing particularly at the beginning of your journey to success.

It doesn’t have to be anything extra fancy, but hey, if that suits you go for it. You can reward yourself by going to see a brand new action movie, going out for a burger and fries, or going to the beach. These rewards can be done on a weekly basis and can turn into monthly ones. At the end of the year, it can be a real reason to celebrate with your anniversary reward, you have earned it!

Whatever your plans and goals are for 2017, we wish you the very best of luck.