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Mr. Akeam Creque & Mrs. Viclemy Menor-Creque – How They Met


Viclemy told us how she met her spouse Akeam.


Coincidental Run-In


I was hanging out at La Petite Club in Baughers Bay one night with my girlfriends when this guy who was also hanging out with his friends came up to me, introduced himself and we started talking. He wasted no time to ask me for my number and I started cutting style and told him no. He left and  I thought that was it, but he returned a while later and asked for my number again. I then gave it to him. He called the next morning and we started texting. He lived in Virgin Gorda. We eventually met and we started dating, which went on for five years. We have a child who was born in November 2017. We got married on March 31, 2018.


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