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Love Story: Jordan & Sandra


The best part of those cheesy romantic comedies, that you watch at Christmas with your family, is when the two-love interest finally get together after years of knowing each other and have undeniable chemistry. However, do you know what is better than that happening in a rom-com? When it happens in real life!

Well, it’s fair to say that Mr. Jordan Romney and Mrs. Sandra Noakes-Romney and their love story was lifted right out of a Hallmark holiday special. The two lovebirds had known each other for a long time growing up but they believed the stars were not in alignment and fate, at that moment, did not decree that they should be together.

The two lived their separate lives and dated around but ultimately, they reconnected in 2013 at Foxy’s Old Year’s Party on Jost Van Dyke. Sandra told us they spent the night being ‘lovey-dovey’ together and at that moment, she knew they were destined to be together.

The couple has been together for nine years now and they are a proud parent of a three-year-old daughter – Leila, born on September 29, 2019. Despite describing themselves as polar opposites the couple said they are like magnets where opposites attract.

Sandra described Jordan as a sensitive and thoughtful man who usually ponders on things before coming to a decision. Meanwhile, Jordan noted his wife can be rough at times, but she is a thoughtful and genuine person


Like most relationships, there have been ups and downs and Sandra mentioned there have been many occasions where they butt heads because of differences in opinions. However, over time, the couple learnt to accept and love each other’s differences. Respect became the order of the day in their household and simply put, they could not get each other out of their minds.

While COVID-19 placed a strain on many relationships, that was not the case for the Romneys. In fact, they told VI L&S that the pandemic and being home with each other brought them a common understanding of how a relationship works and how synergy and compromise are important when being together.

Despite being together for nine years, one could say the Romneys are still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Jordan had proposed to Sandra in front of their family during lunch at Oil Nut Bay in Virgin Gorda in May of this year. Sandra said she had expressed her frustration to Jordan about being together for nine years and not being married and he obliged and finally proposed the weekend after Sandra’s April 29 birthday.

The marriage ceremony did not take as long to happen as the proposal nearly a month later, the couple tied the knot on May 28, 2022, at Long Bay Beach. The low-key ceremony with approximately 50 guests made up of friends and family of the couple was brought to life for the couple by Ultimate Vacation BVI and Tamar Caul of Island Vibe Entertainment Agency.

With every wedding, décor and floral arrangement can make and break the special occasion and Sandra noted Ultimate Vacation BVI had drafted the vision board and Tamar took over from there. The floral arrangement was prepared and delivered by Bella Blooms located in Skelton Bay Lot. While the wedding cake was made by Shakiesa Chinnery of Sweet Surrender in the neighbouring territory of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

Sandra told VI L&S that Akeema Crabbe of The Loft did her make-up while her hairstylist Felicia Tonge-Fenton of Evolution Hair Salon ensured her hair was perfect for her big day.

Photographers Jerome Morton and Michael Winter of JM Photography captured the beautiful ceremony and ensured there would always be relics of the events etched in the house of the couple.

Sandra decided to add a local feel to her attire and had the legendary Germain of KYM’AFIA make her dress, while the other ensemble for the bridesmaids and groomsmen was sourced from online stores Etsy and Amazon.

Meanwhile, the wedding was beached themed and the colour palette encompassed a mix of cream, coral and peach seashells gathered. The area was also decorated with dark teal and blue mimicking the jean-coloured trousers of local fishermen.

The couple exchanged vows and placed rings from the local store House of Luxury located in Cyril B. Romney Pier Park on each other’s fingers to signal the start of what they hope to be a beautiful union of matrimony. The reception for the wedding took place at Coal Pot in Carrot Bay. The restaurant also catered for the event. The couple expects to begin their Honeymoon on June 10, 2022, at a ‘Surprise’ Villa in Virgin Gorda.

With the couple ready to step into a life of marriage before the Lord and the law, Sandra wanted women who are prepping for marriage to know that with the ceremony, sometimes simplicity can go a long way. She noted that although women can be overly fussy and demand perfection – especially at a wedding, sometimes people lose sight of what is really important.

She advised that taking a step back when things start to go haywire can go a long way in regaining peace of mind. Sandra added ‘the simpler things are, the better.