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Everything you need to know when picking a bridal makeup artist


Planning for your dream wedding can be a stressful task as every little detail counts in fulfilling your vision. Some people might stress over the venue, the flower arrangement or even catering at the reception; however, choosing a makeup artist for your special day is just as vital as choosing the right wedding dress.

Your wedding day might be one of the most intense days of your life because there are so many things to consider in ensuring the day goes perfect. Therefore, your best-fit makeup artist should be willing to go the extra mile to put you at ease and perfect the best you.

How do I find this person?

It is no secret! Weddings are expensive these days and finding an exceptional makeup artist that can bring to life your vision is rare. Some people will say all makeup artists are created equal, but some are more equal than others! Like any relationship, it is important to ensure there is synergy and that your expectations can be met.

There are different types of makeup artists.  Every makeup artist has different aesthetics.  Some may specialize in ‘timeless beauty’ – focusing on a classic look. This requires a minimalistic approach. Others may focus on more glitz and glam. You have makeup artists just for television, editorials, fashion shows and professional shoots. In this digital era, a makeup artist’s website or Instagram page can indicate what style and area of makeup artistry they specialize in.

Also, it’s never a bad idea to check with other brides about who did their makeup. Referrals are usually the best place to start as social media can be deceptive, but a good word of mouth goes a long way. Despite the faux aesthetics of many makeup artists on social media, browse through their platforms and familiarize yourself with their creative styles and capabilities. Importantly, have two or three options and book a consultation with the artist and see if your energy match. Then you can select!

What would they need from you?

Some people might not be aware, but your wedding venue has a lot to do with the style of makeup you decide to use at your wedding. If you are planning a beach style wedding, then a full-coverage style would not be recommended in the heat. Now, with your wedding venue booked and a date firmly etched into the calendar; ensure your makeup artist is available for your wedding date. The beauty industry is fast-paced, and makeup artists are constantly being booked for everything. So, ensure well in advance that your artist can make your wedding.  But for some peace of mind have a contingency plan in place in case something happens. The COVID-19 pandemic has made things unpredictable and in preparation for a wedding, you must prepare for the unexpected.

Furthermore, as the venue is important, the style and colour of the bride’s dress and accessories can serve as essential clues for the makeup artist and the selected style. The artist would appreciate an indication of how your hair will be done and how it will shape your face. This is because makeup is supposed to accentuate your beauty and not clash with your accessories or hairstyle. Therefore, having a mood board so the makeup artist can see your vision and bring it to life can go a long way.

Additionally, if you decide to book a consultation, it is recommended that you wear a colour scheme like what you plan on wearing to your wedding so the makeup artist can choose the proper blend of colours. This process can be very time consuming, but perfection requires time and patience.

Moreover, communicate any information about your skin type or any allergies you might have. Importantly, if you have oily skin, the makeup artist needs to know as this can influence the brand or types of products used.

Personality Central

When you meet your artist ask them a lot of questions. Ask about their past experiences working with new brides and ensure their responses do not make you feel uncomfortable. Ask them how well their makeup was photographed as pictures are just as important to the memory of the wedding.

Additionally, get an idea of the type of skin they are used to working on. Doing makeup on a white person differs completely from doing it on a dark-skinned person or someone of Asian descent. It is important to know the types and brands of makeup products they normally work with, and you can express your concerns with any brands. If you are unfamiliar with any name or ingredients in a certain product, then Google is your best friend for verification of quality and reputation. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask tough questions to clear up any doubts. After all, it is your big day, and you are the one who will look back at the photos.

Safety First, Beautiful Day After

With the Coronavirus situation, it’s crucial now more than ever to be aware of hygiene regarding personalized services like makeup application.   Be very observant during the consultation.  Ensure there is no double-dipping, or even blowing on brushes. Another no-no is reusing disposables and using fingers and hands as palettes.


Basically, when picking an artist, consider your budget – this will save you time and save you from surprises after you have put a lot of effort into analyzing the makeup artist only to find that they are too expensive.  Some offer packages which outline all that is on offer.  The consultation should happen at the latest two weeks before the wedding. You would need to communicate how many persons would require dolling up on the day. You must be clear as to what sessions you would require, pre-wedding and/or post-wedding make-up touches. DON’T BE AFRAID TO NEGOTIATE YOUR WEDDING PACKAGE RATE.S!

Your Make-Up Artist can make or break your wedding and with all things human, mistakes can happen at an inopportune time. But with all big decisions in your life, an investment of time in planning will minimize any severe hiccups that may arise on your special day.