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Garden Festival number one (With Pictures)


The usual quietude of the J.R O’Neal Botanic Garden was interrupted for a good cause on Sunday 26th March 2017, with the very first Garden Festival.

The Botanic Garden grounds and the Fish lock Hall were transformed with pitched tents, music and people from all walks of life when the very first Garden Festival took place. Formerly known as the Flower Festival, the event has been restructured and rebranded for a wider reach and has been officially taken over from the Botanic Society, by the National Parks Trust. A wide array of items was on sale ranging from fresh off the ground food and vegetables, pastries, plants, arts and craft and flower plants and arrangements.

“So from celebrating flowers, we want to celebrate the arts, music, culture, as well as flowers, plants, landscaping,” Deputy Director of Marketing, Communication and Business Development, Diehdra Potter explained.

A steady flow of people, particularly from the Cruise passengers, was seen visibly enjoying themselves as they went booth-hopping, in the cool, charming garden and the first in what is expected to be a yearly event.

Various activities were held for children’s engagement such as a Scavenger Hunt and an activity table and entertainment was handled by the Advent Heartbeats and DJ Bertrum.

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