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Fitness for the Mind, Body and Soul


Fitness is key to living a healthy lifestyle.  In a time when many industries are experiencing hardships as a result of COVID-19, the fitness industry has seen an upsurge in growth. Analysts predicted the worldwide fitness industry valued more than $100B in 2020.  In the Territory, the fitness craze has caught on. 

With several growing options available, such as weight loss programs, at-home workout programs, gym memberships, or a mixture of all, one and one training with a personal trainer has become popular.  VI Life & Style caught up with fitness buff, Akim Johnson, to learn more about his passion, his technique, his style, and fitness through his eyes.

His Journey

Perfectly sculptured, ripped, and sexy with a lean body, Akim Johnson embarked on his fitness journey at the tender age of 15.  He recalls that the inspiration and desire were fueled by admiration for his uncle, who was very fit and very strong.  Akim got the thirst and wanted to look and be like him.

Although he has no formal professional certification, Akim has, over the years, with dedication and consistency, followed experts’ advice closely, which has resulted in him gaining the expertise, confidence, and understanding to deliver a great product with exceptional results.

Akim would say his journey was one of discovery!  A journey of self-awareness!  A journey of deep introspectiveness!  A journey that has revealed what works and works well.  Fitness is somewhat a personal journey as what works for one person does not always work for all.  As a trainer, finding that happy balance of a training regimen results in happy customers that return and share their success stories.  For Akim, he has found swimming, running, and full body-weight training to be most effective.

The program

There is nothing standard about an Akim Johnson Fitness Program.  There is nothing standard about his results, so there are no standard packages offered.  Each client is unique, and Akim curates a unique fitness and recommended meal plans to achieve the results the client desires. 

It is a personal journey for each client, so setting goals and timelines are important.

Success is three committed steps away.  “Work out a minimum of three days a week (preferably full-body exercises).  Adjust eating habits to aid in achieving your desired goals. Be consistent with your workouts and new eating habits”.  It is not difficult, but having the guidance of a personal trainer creates the drive and accountability needed to cross the finish line successfully.

The results

The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked the need and urgency for people to commit to a more healthy lifestyle.  There are many benefits of fitness to creating a healthy lifestyle.  Akim is not just a sideline trainer, as he lives the life he preaches and teaches.  Like his clients, he focuses on being overall healthy.  He finds that with a consistent fitness program, he has more energy and is more productive. Additional benefits that he and his client boast from eating healthier are achieving weight loss goals, higher cognitive output, and improved self-esteem.  There is pure joy when his clients glow on the outside because they feel better about their appearance and how their clothes fit.  This is why he loves what he does!

All trainers don’t fit all persons.  With many professional certified and self-taught trainers to choose from, when you select Akim as your trainer, you select dedication; to be challenged and be transformed.  Akim’s mindset behind training is that he tends to train persons as he trains himself.  To him, repetition is key.  He recommends doing a set of full-body exercises three times a week for a few months before changing the routine. His concept is that a straight-line gets you to your desired goal faster than zigzag lines.  His fitness style focuses on shaping the body to how the client desires to look while encouraging healthy eating and habits to get to the targeted desired goal as soon as possible.

The bonus

As our interview winded down, I asked Akim to offer our readers some advice on utilizing the beautiful space we are blessed to call home towards their fitness goals.  His response.  “I  would say run or walk when possible. Ensure you are walking or running at a pace that keeps your heart rate high so that you could get into the fat-burning stage. Utilizing your body weight to do push-ups and squats can go a long way. Jumping jacks and burpees are really amazing if you stick to them and do them regularly. Last but not least, skipping is a champion. Try it.”

Akim has coached himself to success and wants to take the Territory on the journey with him.  Your fitness happiness is only a call or text away.  Connect with Akim at 284 340 4824.