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‘Facing’ The Future with Adorn Beauty Bar


by Angela U Burns



Let’s face it. Every woman needs to feel special some time. Ok, well every time. And there’s nothing like a make-over to do that for you.

Meet the Virgin Islands’ very own Makeup Artist extraordinaire – Felicia Burke. 


Felicia’s love for makeup blossomed as she delved into the Mary Kay business in 2015. “I was a Mary Kay consultant and that’s how I got into the beauty world. Then I realized I had a natural knack for applying makeup, as you’d have to do things like skin match and so that’s where the love developed.”


It wasn’t until two years later though that she officially considered herself a Makeup Artist and made moves to market the service.

Felicia loves to look pretty and gets immense satisfaction helping others feel pretty too. No wonder she is now the proud owner of Adorn Beauty Bar, which is an extension of her love for the art form. 


It certainly helped that she has a sister, Alicia, who was a Ms. BVI Queen to practice on and a best friend, Latoria, who was also at Felicia’s bidding.


It is said that the face is the mirror of the mind and if you change your mindset, you change your life.


Well, Adorn Beauty Bar is well aware of those concepts and Felicia is only too happy to work with everyone, including men, who want to ensure that their countenances reflect sheer beauty.


Felicia is very passionate about makeup artistry and is so very excited that over the past two years, she has had the pleasure of working with clients whose photos have appeared on album covers and others who were glammed up for weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions. 


Mrs. BVI 2019, Shondrea Turnbull, is also a client.


The clients of Adorn Beauty Bar have given Felicia rave review, with some referring to her as meticulous and patient and one who delivers great work.


The name Adorn Beauty Bar connotes everything beauty. For Felicia, it’s like: “What do you think of when you’re getting made up? Adorn! This means to enhance or beauty, which falls in line with what I do.”


Adorn Beauty Bar was created to be a fun experience and there’s an open invitation for clients to come on in and have their foundation, lips, lashes, and eyebrows done by the professional that is Felicia. 


You are also encouraged to try her signature makeup and skincare self-titled line, which offers eye shadow pallets and eyelashes. 

The Adorn Beauty Bar Line features two eye shadow pallets, one with glitters and the other in an array of 16 colours and an eyelash line, which currently has eight different styles available. These lashes are reusable up to 20 times, with proper care.


The latest product is an Adorn Makeup Bouquet, which is much like a flower bouquet, but this one, you got it, is filled with makeup. This is a unique gift that Felicia says has fast become quite popular.


While she has a studio in Huntum’s Ghut, Felicia is a traveling consultant and will gladly come to you to get the job done. She is open to events that are small and those on a large scale.


Asked whether she thinks there is a great need for Makeup Artists in the Territory, Felicia was quite adamant that there is. “I think as ladies, even if they are not particularly into it, it is always nice to have someone you can go to when that special occasion arises and for me, it is one of satisfaction having the ladies feel good about themselves and about the change they see when they get a makeover.”


Felicia’s vision for Adorn Beauty Bar is for the business to blossom and for the brand to festoon internationally in terms of product availability. She is developing a website to command a presence on the world wide web and she wants to expand the store into a location where she can simply do more in the line of makeovers and product offerings.


Makeup Artist Felicia Burke can be reached by calling 284 340 7167, she is on Facebook as Adorn Beauty Bar BVI and on Instagram as AdornBeautyBar.


Let her adorn you!