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Blinds & Tings – From House to Home


by Angela Burns

What makes a house a home? Others would say it’s that bond that links the owner or occupants to the material fabric.

Whatever it is that makes your house your home, we fully endorse the team at Blinds & Tings on Tortola who promises to help you to truly make your place of abode Home Sweet Home.

Ellina Turnbull, the proprietor, is originally from Tortola, but she moved to St. Thomas in her early years. For the past 35 years, before moving back home eight years ago, she worked with homeowners, office tenants, church administrators and others in the USVI, as they personalized and decorated their buildings.

“When I came back, I was no stranger to the people of Tortola, because even when I was in St. Thomas, I did a lot of work here in Tortola, so I didn’t just pop up overnight,” she told VI Life & Style Magazine. “Anything for windows, that’s how I started out, but my customers started demanding more things for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and other home décor.”

So, it was a humble beginning and she continues to be amazed at the response from customers to this day.

Her handiwork in St. Thomas spanned stage curtains for Reichhold Centre at the University of the Virgin Islands, draperies, chairs, and cushions for places including the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, sanctuaries, homes, and offices.

“I had a very good installer and I can look back with pride on my work,” she beamed. “In fact, I still have customers there.”

On moving back to Tortola, she relocated a few times to find the near-perfect spot last November in the old Clarence Thomas Building on Wickhams Cay II. Here, the ambiance is just right. Here, the emphasis is on service and quality.

One enters a different world stepping into the doors of EMJ Home Décor Blinds & Tings. The aroma, the variety, the uniqueness and the quality of the accessories and the unmatched professional service is what will greet toy.

Ellina Turnbull takes pride in her business. She treats people the way she would want to be treated. This is a consummate businesswoman who has been around for a long time and knows what she would want and that’s exactly what she provides for her customers.

No wonder Blinds & Tings quickly grew from just doing blinds to offering complete window treatments, like draperies, swags and anything to adorn your building.

“When I came back, I couldn’t find certain things. I listened to my customers and transformed from Blinds & Tings into an exquisite home décor store based on unique items you don’t see elsewhere,” she said. “We get our stuff from Italy, Brazil, Portugal, and Turkey mostly. We look for unique stuff.”

At EMJ Home Décor Blinds & Tings, you can get more than you see on display. They do special orders for a homeowner or interior designer who might want a particular colour for an item or for guest houses, real estate agents or hotels who might want special sheets, pillowcases, towels, custom draperies or even dishes.

“I go out of my way to please customers and ensure they get their orders at a reasonable cost, as I go directly to the manufacturer and I pass on the savings,” Turnbull said.

EMJ Home Décor Blinds & Tings boasts a small but professional team, including a local Service Rep and a designer operating out of the States. The team works well together and the compliments from customers attest to that.

“We get compliments on the atmosphere, our service and the quality of products we sell,” Ellina said. “They come to look and check out the atmosphere and service and rest assured, they come back to buy as they say, ‘This is some place I’d like to spend my money.’”

We know that nothing in life is guaranteed and so we will stop short of saying we guarantee you that when you step into EMJ Home Décor Blinds & Tings, you will be pleased with the welcome, you’ll love the aroma, you will see something you need or you will be able to order what you desire, and you will leave a happy customer, quick to refer others because of your experience.

EMJ Home Décor Blinds & Tings welcomes you to visit them at the old Clarence Thomas Building location on Wickhams Cay II.

They are open weekdays 9am-5:30 pm and Saturdays 9am-2:30 pm.

Their phone number is 284 494 1331.