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Insight, Recommendations and Execution by Valerie Rymer, the Wedding Guru

Where ever you look on the internet as it relates to getting married, a wedding planner is highly recommended especially when it’s a destination wedding.

What exactly is your job title? A wedding planner or wedding coordinator?  

Both actually.  My job is to make the special day worry free and unforgettable.  I consult with the bride and groom to find out what they want their wedding to be like then make all the arrangements.  From walking down the aisle, decorations, cake, food, drinks, entertainment, flowers, arranging a photographer, and accommodations if needed.  I custom design the venue to ensure that everything is within budget and that it happens flawlessly.   I assist with the actual wedding day and not with sending invitations, helping select colours, and things that are personal and done by the couples in advance.   

What inspired you to choose this career path?  

I guess I’m a romantic at heart and love weddings.   And, we have the perfect beach setting for weddings.  It is naturally beautiful.  Especially sunset weddings.  So it’s simple and easy!

How long have you been in business and what qualification do you have outside of on the job training? 

I have been organizing and catering all types of special events since 1992 when we first opened Myett’s.  We do regatta parties, weddings, music events and all types of large group and small group parties.   My background is public relations, sales, and marketing.  But I got most of my experience with weddings by just doing it.

In this creative line of business, what would you say is the most creative work you have done?

I’ve taken cake decorating courses and it is a passion and hobby.  So, I would say making the wedding cake.  My husband, Kareem, and I also make the exotic bouquets and flower decorations from selected flowers in our gardens.  We have also done aisles lined with conch shells, arches made of hand braided palm leaves, heart alters made from flowers, and on one occasion we made an ice cream station for a bride who loves ice cream.  That was a challenge but we did it!

What are some of the most sophisticated wedding you’ve organized?   

Weddings at Myett’s are mostly destination beach weddings or for couples who want a natural setting.  They are beautiful ceremonies on the beach with lots of local flower decorations, the blue sea and sky or sunset, and natural ambiance.  That’s not to say that it is not sophisticated but definitely not the huge wedding in a church kind of affair.  The bride can wear a handcrafted wedding gown or a handcrafted white bikini.  We have had many local weddings as well that tend to get a bit more sophisticated and we do allow parties decorate themselves if they choose.  

How far in advance do you need to be contacted and hired for the event to be perfect? Availability is hard to predict.

Some of the couples book a year in advance or more.  Some come and say they want to get married tomorrow.  It’s always best to book as far in advance as possible.

Do you do last minute?  

Yes, for small venues.

What makes you and your business unique?

I am very particular and like things to be very organized and go as planned and on time.   My goal is to ensure that weddings are customized to meet clients’ needs and wants.  Our location is unique as we have accommodations, a great restaurant, bandstand, beach bar for starter drinks, and a superb staff that can assist me with all the arrangements.  We do weddings for only two or a hundred and two or more.  We can even provide witnesses if needed.

Sometimes your clients have no idea what they want. How do you give them direction?  

I start asking them questions about what they envision the day to be like, their budget, and then make suggestions based on my experience.

What drives you to continue giving your time and energy to your business, even when it’s hard?  

I have fun with it.  I love what I do.  Weddings are special and it is so rewarding to assist in making that special day a memorable one for the bride and groom and their guests. 

What does success in your business look like and feel like to you?  

It looks and feels great!  Putting the bride and groom first and making them happy is always a priority.  It is so nice to get good reviews and know that the events are a big hit.

What advice do you have for brides to be as it relates to making your job easier?  

Funny that you ask that of brides as many of the weddings have actually been planned by the grooms.  Which surprised me.  But for brides or grooms, the best advice to them is to not overstress it.  An island wedding is meant to be less stress and easy.  Once I know what they want I will make sure that all the arrangements are in place for that perfect day.

What one word best describes your business?  


Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers or any requests you have of them?  

I am available to email, chat, meet in person, or talk on the phone to discuss opportunities.  There is never a question that is not important.  I will be available to customize any special parties and honour special requests at their convenience.  

Where can persons find you and connect with you online?  

Our website is www.myetts.com  The office number is 284-495-9649 and my email is val@myetts.com