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Stiletto’s -The hottest nail designs everyone is wearing!!


Just listening to it glide off your tongue-Stilettos, is fashionable, exotic and deserves a toast! Of course, the design was named after the stiletto heels that many in the entertainment world rock during their performances for that added suave look and to give their legs an extra few inches in length and their behind that added pop up! Now you can wear them on your hands for the same effect.

They are guaranteed to be the center of attention and they don’t have to be painted bright either! Just the brand new look, a refreshing change from the squared tips will do the work.Stilettos vary in length but they must be long to have the best outcome, however, how long you want to wear them is entirely up to you.

So you may be wondering…just what are stiletto nails?

In a few, they are nails that have been form- sculpted to a smooth, thin point with acrylic nails or gel. The form is rolled tight and narrowed at the tip to create that extremely pointed tip just like a stiletto heel.

The owner of Diva’s, Renee Turnbull, who has been in the beauty business for over 15 years and fell in love with the art, explained that the process usually takes about two hours to complete.

“I have always been creative, one of my first love, next to fitness,” she stated. “It should be natural,” she remarked referring to nail extensions, “it shouldn’t look fake, it should be an extension of your fingers, and it should look like you grew your nails. It shouldn’t look like you have something attached to the tips of your fingertips so that takes time.”

Turnbull admitted that creating Stiletto’s and other nail designs requires a lot of patience, but, because she has always had a passion for the art, it is one of her greatest joys to make her many customers leave happier than when they came into her business place located in Wickham’s Cay ΙΙ.

One truly satisfied customer, Fiona Forbes, who had just gotten her new stiletto nail design done at the Diva Nails salon commented, “I chose the nail design because I think it is cute and it is trending. I just like the style. I think it is hot and just to get something different, something funky, fresh.”
Next, to the coffin design, which is similar in shape with a square tip, the Stiletto’s remain the most asked for trendy nail style.

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