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Omar’s Café & Omar’s Fusion: Where East Meets West in Culinary Delights


By Angela U Burns

Omar’s Café provides a great breakfast and has been doing so consistently for over 12 years.

In fact, after the 2017 hurricanes, Omar’s Café was back in business in short order. Being the only food establishment in the area at the time, grateful customers were delighted to see them reopening within a week of the storms.

Many will tell you that this is the place for a really good cup of coffee and the best breakfast this side of paradise.   

Not to mention the location!

Nestled almost at the end of Soper’s Hole on Frenchman’s Cay, in one of the colourful buildings along the scenic waterfront, Omar’s Café boasts an enviable uniqueness. In fact, while you have breakfast, your backdrop is the best marina in the Territory. This area is considered the gem of the BVI – clean and peaceful.

So what’s for breakfast? Just the best cup of coffee daily, breakfast during the week featuring pancakes, waffles and French Toast and for hundreds on Sundays, that local touch of salt fish and johnnycake.

Omar’s Café is open 7am to 2pm and welcomes everyone to stop by and be seated and treated. If you’d rather make a reservation, the number to call is 284 495 8015.

But it gets better. With the hustle and bustle of life, so many things to do, places to go, and people to meet, owner Omar Hurst has risen to the occasion, using technology to offer online ordering. It simply means your order is accurately received and ready to be picked up within half an hour or when you get there. How very convenient!

“We are the only business that does a proper online ordering system through www.omarscafebvi.com  and we’ve been doing this for the last three years,” Hurst said proudly. “Your order comes directly to our kitchen and what’s more, when you sign up and become a member of Omar’s Café, you automatically get a 10% discount on your order.”

Hurst obviously has a passion for the foodservice business and this is reflected through the professionalism of his staff, who welcomes you warmly as you enter the establishment.

If all were to go according to plan, Omar Hurst would have expanded his operations into a full-fledged restaurant in 2017. But then came the storms and those plans were derailed.

It was not until February of this year that Omar’s Fusion, specializing in Caribbean and Indian cuisine, was officially opened a few steps away from Omar’s Café. Now, lunch is being served from 11am and dinner from 6pm.

“We do a fusion of Caribbean and Indian food,” Hurst said. “That’s where East meets West, East Indian food meets West Indian food.”

Omar’s Fusion, therefore, features curry in all its flavours and as the Indians do. Expect to get your rice, vegetables, etc. served in individual bowls, making for an authentic experience.

Caribbean dishes would include anything from rice and peas to grilled fish.

The signature dish is the Cauliflower Manchurian, which is a deep-fried cauliflower tossed in Indo Chinese Mandurian sauce. This is a vegetarian must-have that is now the number one appetizer on the menu.

The Dragon Butterfly Shrimp is also very popular, along with the Paratha or Indian Flatbread.

Some of the other mouth-watering meals at Omar’s Fusion include Chicken Madras (boneless chicken breast with hot and spicy curry sauce), Mixed Vegetable Korma (medium diced vegetables sautéed and served with coconut and cashew-based sauce), Fish Curry (cooked with ginger, tomatoes, and curry-based sauce), Bindi Masala (sliced tender okra blended with spices and cooked with onions and tomatoes), and Lamb Vindaloo (collops of lamb cooked in tangy hot and spicy sauce with potatoes).

Hurst and his staff boast an efficiency everyone should experience at every business place.

When guests come to Omar’s Fusion, after being warmly welcomed, staff will proceed to take their order electronically using custom made software on tablets.

Hurst has proven that this makes for faster and more accurate and efficient service, which his guests appreciate.   

While the online ordering system is not yet ready at Omar’s Fusion, guests are invited to stop by any day of the week from 11am until.

The telephone number at Omar’s Fusion is 284 345 4771.

Hurst is hoping to add some more dishes shortly in an effort to diversify his menu and attract more business. Patrons can look forward to Thai and Asian meals coming soon.

He would also like to expand his franchise into Road Town and East End, Tortola and into Virgin Gorda as well.