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JarSav Renos Ltd. – A true one-stop-shop


Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a single call for all your renovation and construction needs? Just imagine it. One call to one company, and in no time at all, you’re well on your way to a successfully completed project. Well, I am here to tell you; a company like this does exist! And they are just one phone call away!

JarSav Renos Ltd.’s company slogan is “for all of your renovation needs, make one call”; this ties into the company’s goals.  “We aim to provide an easy collaboration between the company and the client in order to make their projects a reality.” Mr. Tony Jardine said. 

 Working together on a project to build an urban men’s clothing store at the Cyril B. Romney Pier Park called Urban VI was the first time Tony Jardine and Marc Savage worked together. 

Marc was asked to lend a hand in the development since he had 25 years of experience in the construction field at that time. Although this was more like a favour than a job, they both clicked and soon realized that they worked well together.  This became even more evident when they were able to turn the store over to hand over a finished product within five weeks of gaining access to what was an empty shell.  This led to them gaining a few other projects in the CBR Pier Park, such as Digicel’s outlet store. 

The duo realized that with their combined experience, they had a winning combination.  Added to Marc’s  25 years plus years of experience in the construction field was Tony’s expertise in the telecommunications and technical field.  Tony had worked with Cable and Wireless Management for over 14 years, heading up various departments such as the retail store and assisting with the Government ‘s telecommunication needs.  When he left C&W, he was the Customer Experience Manager responsible for all customer touchpoints. Before C&W, he held positions such as General Manager for DHL & Western Union and served as a former HM Customs Officer. Although Tony worked mainly in corporate spaces, construction and renovation have always been among his DYI hobbies, and he carried out projects for friends. 

JarSav Renos Ltd. was established in late 2015 and incorporated, registered, and fully operational by June 2016. After that, the partners were off and running, seeking other projects.

JarSav Renos Ltd. takes a partnership approach with their clients, treating their project as if it were their own.  This approach enables a high success rate of meeting timelines, budgets and ensuring that there is value for the money spent. With this business model, the partners agree that it aids in solving a variety of client problems. These may range from a client moving into a new office and needing a complete design or a rip and replace design to the reconfiguration of an existing location.  It could also be where a client may need additional offices due to business growth or a change in floor space flow due to the business’s needs or changes.  It may be a remodel for residential customers, added rooms, house addition, or the case of 2017 hurricanes, house repairs, and rebuilds after the storms.

JarSav Renos Ltd. offers a full complement of professionals to make it happen while considering that most clients are on a tight budget.

JarSav Renons Ltd. is really a multi-facet company that aims to meet all needs with one call.  The owners of this company also own other companies that complement the work they do.  Direct Air Ltd. provides for your air condition needs, while In Tech Inc. provides IT needs ranging from networking and Wi-Fi to other electrical needs.  Additionally, they enjoy professional working relationships with skilled specialty sub-contractors who understand and share their philosophy.  

JarSav Renons Ltd. is known for its interior drywall finishing work along with being a metal framing specialist. A sample of its work proficiency in metal framing and drywall finishing can be seen in the ceiling above the stage of New Life Baptist Church.  The company’s services also include carpentry, plumbing, electrical and concrete work, including projects from the ground up, such as the TSC Gym and patio expansion completed in 2020.  Product sourcing is also something they specialize in, having contacts in the US, Canada, and throughout the Caribbean.

“We also pride ourselves in assisting clients with both advising and the acquiring of permits and inspections.  This is needed particularly with new construction projects, major renovation projects, and electrical installation projects,” the partners shared.  

One of the exciting aspects of the construction/renovation field is each day is unique.  The first step in the remodeling/renovation process is a site visit with the client to identify the work scope. Once that has taken place, the quote is accepted and a deposit paid, a start date is agreed on.   Materials are then purchased and delivered to the site.  Once all is in place, the team is dispersed to the worksite. The initial stage is to secure the site by boarding off the area or placing caution tape to ensure that anyone can clearly see that a construction area has been set up.  After that is completed, the next stage would be to set up any debris or dust shields to keep areas that are not being worked on clean and to minimize any mess.  Once the above is in place, the agreed work commences with periodic client visits to ensure that all expectations are being met, including timelines and budgets, and ensuring each project site has the necessary materials needed for the stage it is at. 

What is unique about JarSav Renos Ltd. is its ability to offer a true one-stop-shop.  Proficiency in sourcing products to keep costs within budget to sourcing specialty items means that clients do not have to spend their time sourcing. It can also leverage its international supplier relationships to serve the client’s project best. This saves the client a lot of time and money. All this, coupled with the above-mentioned complementing businesses under one umbrella, sets the company apart from the rest. This approach has proven very valuable to maintain timelines and no waiting/delays from sub-contractors. 

JarSav Renos Ltd.’s office and workshop are located directly behind the purple bar known as Rose Duck ‘n’ Dive, one of JarSav Renos Ltd.’s more recently completed projects, just as you enter Brandywine Bay, heading east. 

If you are moving into a new office, want your kitchen remodeled, air-conditioning installation, or a complete build and want to save time and money, make one call or WhatsApp: 1 284 542 0046 / 1 284 340 2856 or email at info@jarsavrenos.com or jarsavrenos@gmail.com.   

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram or visit them at their office location in Brandywine Bay.