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Feel great & look your best – healthy body, mind & spirit at Driftwood Spa


Driftwood Spa is the best spa in the Virgin Islands. They have the most effective massage therapists and offer a full range of specialized spa treatments. With two locations and outcall availability there is no excuse not to feel great and look your best this holiday season and every day.

“Give us your body we will give you back your mind!” Odila says to me.

“Fact!” I respond remembering how I walked into Driftwood Spa grimacing last year in so much pain my shoulder was almost in my ear.

The massage therapists worked their massage therapy expertise on me – my shoulder dropped to proper position and my pain was relieved.
From the moment I walked into Driftwood Spa it is as if I entered a calmer and better world. Relaxing spa music and sweet aromas, flowers, lit candles and a massage therapist greeted me smiling as I opened the door.

Driftwood Spa is beautifully decorated. The ambiance has been thoughtfully created for comfort, health and rejuvenation. Everyone comes to Driftwood Spa to feel and look their best. Whether for pain relief; body maintenance; or beautification. Driftwood Spa is a safe, secure and comfortable space. Women, men and children of every walk of life become healthier, better adjusted and happier.

Driftwood Spa offers: massage therapy; body treatments; scrubs; wraps; facials; sauna; yoga; waxing; manicures; pedicures; acupuncture and more. Perfect presents for anyone – including yourself.

Driftwood Spa is the dream and passion of Odila Weeks. She envisioned, created, and built it from the ground up. Then like a strong Phoenix who rises from ashes –– built it again!

Early September 2017 Driftwood Spa was getting ready to open its doors for the first time. The Windows were covered with paper intended to be torn out for the big reveal at the opening. Instead, Hurricane Irma busted up the whole territory – including Driftwood Spa. Odila is a first responder and went to work – helping everyone in the immediate area. All extra linens were collected, and a shelter set up in the old Digicel warehouse next door.

They did not stop to look in Driftwood Spa. They did notice that the bathtub was out the door and spa chairs had flown all the way down the road. Yet they kept helping people as priority. Everyone was stressed and needed massage therapy. The surviving massage table was carried by jeep to wherever there was a bit of a roof and not too much generator sound. Hard work and determination made dreams reality. May 12th 2018 Driftwood Spa officially opened in West End and expanded to Soper’s Hole in 2020.

“What do you enjoy most about your work?”

“Helping people. Everyday someone walks in very stressed out and needing to unwind, in pain, walking irregular and walks out, unstressed, straightened up, smiling and pain free – this is what matters most!”

Walk-Ins are welcome. Appointments are highly recommended. Driftwood Spa 540-1526