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Christmas Decorating This Year – Let’s Mix It Up


By House

It’s that time of year again and out comes the decorations and up goes the tree and the lights.

Decorating the same way year in and year out is easy, so this year why not mix it up and change things around.

Traditionally green, red and gold are used at Christmas but this year, blue joins the party as an accent colour: midnight blues, aquas and cerulean, all can be used.  Trends indicate that a natural palette is being incorporated alongside colours with baubles and decorations, which, for us in the Caribbean, means sand, driftwood and sea life.

Look around the house to see what you already are using and how pieces could be switched around.  Fruit can be switched out in bowls for baubles and shells with battery string lights intertwined.

Bookcases and shelves are perfect to dress up. Place Christmas decorations and ornaments interspersed with everyday objects in these spaces.  Run fairy lights or candles along shelves or on tables to create a festive feel.

Bring in plants from outside. Poinsettias are available to buy. Silk stems such as mistletoe and glitter branches in large vases look stylish and elegant.

If you have a regular hurricane lantern, change out the candle for lights and baubles.  Mason jars or older jam jars will work if you don’t have any purpose made pieces.  You can buy mirror spray and make mercury glass effects for a more vintage look.

Fairy lights and candles should play a big part in creating a festive mood.  Repetition with small candles, tea lights and string lights in multiple areas allows you to take the decorations away from a tree if you have one and spread the theme over more rooms.  Invest in small candles and tea light holders that work at Christmas but can also be used throughout the year.

Bring in some whimsy and a bit of unexpected.  I like funny or unusual pieces which provoke a second glance.  Mix in regular decorations with silver or gold and glittery decorative accessories and if you don’t have anything, spray paint is your friend!

Another good addition to make at Christmas is in the form of a holiday scent, either with candles or diffusers.  Scents create a different ambiance and are very noticeable when you walk into a home.

Finally, the most important thing to remember when decorating for Christmas is to go with what you love and what makes you happy and to enjoy the season.  Merry Christmas.