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A box of odd treasures



Stepping into Odd Box is like taking a step under the sea.

As soon as the door made of glass and wood swung open the array of contrasting colours of mermaids, seals, octopuses, sharks, tortoise, came into sharp focus. I felt like an explorer oohing and ahhing over the unique and stunning creations on display at the Odd Box. There was even a Santa, along with stockings, and Christmas tree ornaments made of crochet. Paintings of the numerous sceneries that has been the Virgin Islands pride filled the walls while art and craft supplies such as paints- including watercolors, acrylics and oils, paintbrushes, pencils, sketchbooks, construction paper, among others lined the shelves.

In the corner of the room is was roomy suite with a large window overlooking the busy street on Wickhams Cay 2. There sat Ria O’Hagen one of the owners of the shop with a welcoming smile inviting me to sit and have a cup of tea, water or juice. It was like visiting a family member, with an easy conversation, she gave me a tour of the many underwater treasurers that she crocheted herself of which there were some of the underwater beauties that she had the first-hand sightings of in the bluest blue waters surrounding the British Virgin Islands, during her six years as a diver.

But she was not always one for crochet, she explained, but an artist. As time passed, she came to realize that as an artist, she was too isolated from others and decided to opt for something where she would be able to be anywhere and still do her work. So, using videos from YouTube, she learned to work her needles and thread and earn a living from it. Apart from crocheting, Ria is a sculptor and underwater photographer.

She teamed up with Anya Brewley Schultheiss her business partner, an avid crafter who enjoys crochet, knitting, ceramics and photography, who now lives in Canada.

I see the Odd Box as a treasure cove for a variety of stunning and uniquely odd objects for your home, office, or business place. Odd Box Arts & Crafts store aims to supply a superior range of quality art and craft supplies all in one place and at reasonable prices. You can also bank on being treated with excellent customer service!

Still trying to find the way to Odd Box? Just look for a well -kept cute ancient miniature blue car with the words-ODD-BOX imprinted on the back before a flight of wooden stairs (upstairs in the Belisarius Building). Tucked on the left, is the warm and cozy store of odd treasures.

This holiday season decorate your Christmas tree with handmade crochet ornaments and give gifts to that special person from the range of items at Odd Box! If there is a product that you would like them to stock, please email and let them know at info@oddboxdesigns.com.


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