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Bougainvillea Clinic state-of-the-art facility, NOW READY!


The Bougainvillea Clinic has been under renovation for the last 10-12 years. This was a love project as the owners Dr. Heskith Vanterpool, and Mrs. Jean Vanterpool decided to make it a state-of-the-art facility for the people of the BVI and the Region, i.e. the other Caribbean islands surrounding us.

The facility now is a five-storey building with clinical space occupying every level. The first floor houses the imaging department; the second floor – the dietary departments; third floor is the inpatient unit; and the fourth floor is the operating theatre and cardiac lab suites. On the fifth floor, which is the newest department, is the clinic, where their specialist physicians see patients, as well as the physiotherapy department. This area is state-of-the-art. It gives you a feeling of being one of those in the United States or even better facilities.

The waiting rooms are comfortable, spacious, airy, and unbelievable beautiful. The decor is also exquisite. On the other end is the clinic. The physician rooms are all decked out to facilitate the care of patients that are seen on a daily basis. There is also a beautiful mini operating theatre where surgical procedures can be carried out and this is possible under sedation or local anesthetic, and this is fully equipped to take care of all patients should the need arise. The administrative department is also on the fifth floor. This is where you’ll find the manager, the accounts department, claims billing and insurance department and this area handles all operational matters.

The fifth floor is accessed by stairs or a brand new spanking glass elevator which on your way gives you the view of the whole Road Town Harbour and the environs as far as your eyes can see. You can actually sit in the foyer and while you wait to see your physician, or physiotherapist, or waiting to be picked up by family members, visualize what is happening in the City.

The reception area boasts a Chinese architectural look and the Chinese artistry was taken from the old hotel and preserved, refurbished, and placed to maintain the look that the hotel once had. For those clients who have not seen it yet, you will be pleased when you arrive; Rave reviews by current patients, who have said to us “Oh, this is this is really a beauty”.

This place is just so beautiful. It gives the staff an air of love and a feeling that is beyond any. They are happy to come to work in such a beautiful building and the staff at Bougainvillea are very happy to share that with you, our patrons. So come on in and get your medical needs met. Visit the Specialists, make an appointment. They are ready to help you and give you the medical care required to advance health care in the BVI.

Coming soon is the opening of the cafeteria and a coffee shop where you can come in and get snacks, coffee and juices. The space is already decked out and will soon be opening.