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Blissful Elegance at Envy Stylez


Step into the pure blissful elegance that awaits you at Envy Stylez. This beautifully designed salon and spa combo were envisaged with luxury and charm.

Their soft and serene allure invites amity and relaxation, giving every customer the confidence needed to be undoubtingly wowed by their highly trained professionals. 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Doneisha Maduro Findlay, the owner of Envy Stylez Salon, Spa, and Barbershop, to find out more about her craft and her establishment.

Ms. Findlay has been styling hair from a very young age and has always been a natural-born talent of the art. She considers it to be a source of happiness and an escape from all of life’s stressors. Since getting started about ten years ago where she worked at another local and successful beauty salon, she has continued to do hair professionally. The talented young stylist also acquired some of her professional skills in Maryland at one of the well-renowned Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Schools. She also attended the Aveda Institute in Washington DC. Both Paul Mitchell and Aveda are highly revered names in cosmetology, whose hair care products can be found in thousands of stores and salons across the globe. After these two academic experiences, she walked away with both a cosmetology license and an esthetician certificate.

Ms. Findlay values her job and is passionate about providing the best service to her clients. When asked how she caters to making her clients more comfortable, she replied, “I believe most importantly, in staying organized and maintaining a schedule. Our clients are customarily served by appointments, and we make it our aim to value their time by steering clear of long waiting periods.” Personally, I think the worst part about going to any salon is the long wait; but in a comfortable environment such as Envy, it makes the wait much more appealing. Ms. Findlay also aims to ensure that her clients receive tailored services. She further emphasised that they provide a consultation before any treatment or styling to ensure that they are giving the client exactly what they want and need, to ensure everyone walks out feeling and looking their absolute best.

Whether it’s a relaxer, a colouring session, braids, or a sew-in, the stylists at Envy Stylez are equipped to get the job done. Their spa treatments include body scrubs, facials, massages, and much more.  At Envy, you can synchronously be cared for, taking advantage of all of their spa services while being pampered by one of their skilled nail technicians. Envy Stylez is your one-stop-shop for all your self-care needs.  Ms. Findlay earnestly values self-care and helping her clients enjoy the benefits of it is, in fact, her favourite part of the job. Seeing the joy and confidence that radiates from happy customers awards Ms. Findlay the pleasure of knowing she played a part in their satisfaction. She also believes that the level at which you take care of your body directly relates to one’s beauty. When asked what beauty means to her, she replied, “We’re all designed differently, and if you take care of yourself and you’re confident within, your beauty shines that much more.

Envy Stylez has a speciality service the is the new “in thing”: Spa Parties.  Book with them for your child’s spa party and make the celebration a day to remember.  Let them customise a package especially for you.  Services include manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup, and massages. All spa parties come with complimentary décor, music, cider, and cookies.  Extras may be requested at additional costs.  These include finger foods and drinks, a birthday cake, customised robes and sleep masks, and customised face masks.

Stop by the sensational Envy Stylez Salon, Spa, Nail, and Barber to book your spa party or personalised beauty treatment today!

Envy Stylez Salon, Spa, Nail and Barber is located at Harbour House in Road Town

Contact them at (284) 495-3689 or email envyssb@hotmail.com

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram @envystylezbvi