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BeYond BeauTi – Beach Body Loading In the Pandemic


Spanning 60 islands, cays and rocks with seas covering approximately 575 square miles of beautiful crystal clear waters, the Virgin Islands is not only the Sailing Capital of the World, but also a beach lover’s paradise.

In our phase opening as a result of COVID-19, we are stealing every opportunity to enjoy our beaches. Whether swimming, sunbathing, enjoying water sports, snorkeling, island hopping or out sailing the beautiful waters, there is always a photo opportunity. Our sparkling white sandy beaches have graced the pages and covers of many magazines over the years, including the illustrious Sports Illustrated Swim, who was recently sighted shooting 2020 Swim edition. Locals and visitors alike “ouuu” and “ahhh” of the many photo shoot worthy locations such as The Baths, Sandy Cay, White Bay, Cane Garden Bay and Cow Wreck Beach to name a few.

Come along as Beyond BeauTi catches up with La Thompkins, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a wellness coach of Healthy Bodies by La, to provide tips on maintaining a healthy beach body amidst the pandemic.

BB: When did you discover that you wanted to be a fitness coach/certified trainer?

La: It was shortly after Hurricanes Irma & Marie. It seemed like a lot of people were looking to become healthier after such a period of “poor eating”, and I found myself “consulting” more and more.

BB: Tell us about your training personality.

La: I believe in “Fitness Anywhere”. As long as you can find the time, I can meet you anywhere to train you. The beach, your office, any room, a park, a conference room, etc.

BB: What is your background including training and certifications you hold. How many years have you been a personal trainer?

La: I am martial arts trained, which often led me to being in the gym working out. My younger brother is a black belt in martial arts, and he introduced me to personal training. I have now been a personal trainer for three years, here in the BVI. My personal training certification is worldwide / internationally accredited, and acknowledged.

BB: Share some of the programmes along with a brief description of each programme’s objective, that are within your portfolio of service.

La: I offer a full body profile for each client that I train. It includes not just weight & inch measurements, but also body mass index and muscle mass measurements, as well. Additionally, I offer “healthy eating tips…lifestyle eating habits. I am a full body workout personal trainer. Fitness Fusion is my niche. I never isolate singular muscles solely in a training session. I believe in working the full body, every muscle collectively in a workout session.

BB: What is your fitness philosophy?

La: Fitness Focus…Become the healthiest expression of YOU!

BB: At a time when many may be struggling with being committed to a fitness routine, what do you offer differently from most?

La: Trainer La offers personal/one-on-one consultation and individually tailored workout routines. Not only will I workout with you and train you anywhere, your workout session is tailored to your fitness level, your desired goals, and objectives. It’s never one size fits all. Lastly, as a 45 year old woman, I actively live
the lifestyle that I am offering to individuals, so it makes it easy to trust that my techniques actually work because I’m living proof.

BB: Many of our readers are all on the beauty journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Being swimsuit season all year long, what fitness programmes can you recommend for us to get our bodies beach ready and maintain consistency?

La: Again, I cannot stress enough that a full body & full circuit workouts will enable women to achieve and maintain a 24/7/365 beach body. At least walking, stretching, and drinking more water….everyday WILL help!

BB: What are the most troublesome areas your clients complain about? What are your recommendations?

La: Core/Abs. Besides basic exercises, trying to eat leaner will assist with that area, especially.

BB: Give our readers three recommendations for the stubborn stomach and love handles? A problem for both sexes.

La: More fruit. More vegetables. Lift weights…not heavy, but lifting weights is key!

BB: Living the pandemic, some are foregoing the more expensive gym memberships and are opting for at home programmes. Not trying to put you out of business, can you offer 5 tips to our readers to ensure they see results?

La: Stay consistent. Get a workout/accountability partner. Invest in dumbbells and resistance bands. Workout AT LEAST 2x’s a week. Monitor your eating more closely.

BB: Talk to us about beach circuit workout sessions? The inspiration behind the idea? What benefits can attendees achieve?

La: Beach circuit workout classes are unique to Healthy Bodies by La. Your muscles will have an extra challenge stabilizing you in the sand. You’ll improve cardiovascular endurance and build strength at the same time. Lastly, I implement my philosophy of full body workout by engaging all parts of the body during every beach circuit session, followed by a complete cool down and stretch in the sea/ocean.

BB: A client comes to you and requests for their body to look like yours. What is your response?

La: If that person wants to be more fit and lean, I can definitely assist them. But I never mislead my clients into thinking that my body type is the perfect body type. There is no such thing! I will find the best way to assist them with feeling healthier and more fit, working with their individual existing body type/frame,
but never misleading them to think that there is only one body type that is ideal.

BB: Share about the importance of a healthy body to our beauty.

La: Truthfully, the healthier you are, the more beautiful you do feel. And I don’t just mean externally, but also internally because your organs, muscles, tissues, automatically respond to a healthier lifestyle, and therefore radiate a beauty that can truly only be achieved through being healthier and more fit.

BB: Last words to live by

La: Positive Body Movement. Just get moving because ALL MOVEMENT counts!!!! Start by just walking, then push yourself to increase your heart rate by perhaps taking on a hill…more of an incline. Then, gradually start picking up some light weights; stretching and working those muscles to respond to external
force. Lastly, just don’t stop! Even if you have to modify your workouts to accommodate a hectic life/work balance, do it! It is to your benefit to keep moving…Positive Body Movement.

Connect with Healthy Bodies by La at 284-544-1244 or healthybodiesbyla@gmail.com.

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A healthy you, is a beautiful you.
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