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Beige Is Back and It’s Not Boring


This hue delivers a warmer softer and altogether more inviting look and feel which translates to every room in the house.

In the Caribbean, we can use the undertones of beige in materials that perfectly suit our climate and the design of the spaces we want to create.  Wicker, wood, jute and sisal all have similar undertones and can be used together for a harmonious, textural stylish space.

Set beige toned pieces besides white backdrops.  Primarily paint the walls white as the background,  then pair with beige furniture.   Show case the warm hue of fixed elements and accessories that in turn become the star of the show.

I never thought I would be considering this colour back in my decorating repertoire but here we are!  For years, I have been advising against painting walls this colour and changing out old boring sofas, but used in an updated and different medium, we can still incorporate this colour whilst dragging the look and feel into today’s aesthetic giving it classic and timeless feel.

Here are 7 ways to incorporate beige in your scheme: 

  1. Set sisal and jute rugs as place holders in a room scheme, either under a bed, dining table or seating area.


  1. Bold wicker or bamboo sofas and chairs can be placed inside or outside and dressed with accent pillows in an alternative colour. Royal blues and jewel-tone greens can look stunning.


  1. Lamps and lampshades and pendant lighting all have a part to play here. Many manufacturers are coming up with finer, lightweight and flexible mediums that play well for this look.


  1. Don’t forget fabrics. From outside Sunbrellas to crisp cotton twills and textured prints. These all play a part. Beige velvets and chenilles are increasingly popular for soft furnishings.


  1. Unfinished white oak wood cabinets, doors or panelling look fresh in a kitchen setting. Add in a smidge of black to sharpen the scheme and deliver an edgy more trendy look.


  1. Artwork and mirrors are a popular place to repeat this colour vertically. A triptych or mosaic of prints can look extremely effective.


  1. Smaller decorative accessories are also easy to incorporate. Baskets for plants, placemats, soapstone pots, rope and bamboo all have beige undertones, so dot these about for a super decorated finish.


Finally,  never underestimate the power of plants and greenery.  For a more tropical mix with beige make sure you utilise plants, ferns and palms, be it real or silks for a super polished result.