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72 posh and polished yachts


Seventy-two yachts, shined, polished and presented at their best, sat in the blue waters at the Nanny Cay Marina and will be there for four days.

Astride them, are their boat captains and admirals; who welcome over 130 Charter Yacht Brokers, who are specialized travel agents from all over the world.
The reason? Marketing. They will inform of each of the vessel’s offerings, which will further use for bookings.
The BVI Charter Yacht Show is in its 32nd year and is hosted by the BVI Charter Yacht Society’s (CYS). The show began on Monday 7th and will end on Thursday 10th November 2016.
A typical day of yacht viewings ends on a high social note every night. The final night will be in the form of a dinner party where the Best of Show and Category winners will be are announced.

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