Word On The Street – BVI Streeat Food Festival


BVI Streeat Food Festival will bring the capital of the British Virgin Islands alive with amazing comfort cuisine on Saturday, November 20th, 2021. The premiere event will be the first of its kind, bringing one major street in Road Town alive with food, entertainment, and fashion.

Street food is a culinary attraction worldwide, trending for its innovation in making new and favorite foods into fast, tasty bites ready to eat on the go.  The BVI has an array of delicious street food that patrons can look forward to converging on one street in a celebration of culinary excellence.

The concept of this event was developed by Guavaberry Marketing, an event management company in the British Virgin Islands. As one of the oldest events and marketing companies in the BVI, Guavaberry Marketing is dedicated to doing its part in impacting tourism for the British Virgin Islands in a major way.

“I believe that Event Tourism is a lucrative addition to any tourism product, particularly the BVI’s product offerings. People travel for experiences. Therefore, any major events that I launch onto the BVI’s social scene will be both regionally and internationally attractive,” says Cindy Rosan, Managing Director of Guavaberry Marketing. 

The BVI Streeat Food Festival will bring together the food industry and food enthusiasts/food lovers for a spectacular night of food, entertainment, and socializing.

“As a small Territory, Covid has dealt us a devastating blow, both emotionally and economically. I want this to be an event where we feel a bit of normalcy again. However, we will be observing all Covid protocols and guidelines to pull off this event successfully,” adds Cindy Rosan. 

Guavaberry Marketing is a Public Relations, Marketing, and Event Management firm with over 25 years of experience. Our offices are located at #197 Main Street. You can reach out to us through our Facebook pages: Guavaberry Marketing Inc or BVI Streeat Food Festival. Our contact number is (284) 440 3234.