Upcycle with Daniel’s Upholstery


Upcycling is all about taking something old and drab and making it new and beautiful. And nothing puts on quite a transformation like a piece of reupholstered furniture.

Daniel’s Upholstery at Skelton’s Baylot in Fish Bay, for the past 25 years, has been assisting his creative minded clientele with their wish to give their room, boat or car some personality. Yes, upcycling!

The start:

Daniel got his start at Hood’s Sail Maker after leaving the BVI High School. He learned the craft quickly and after 3 years felt he had the experience needed to make it on his own as an entrepreneur and Roy’s Canvas as we once knew, got started.

Though sail making was his main service at the start, word of Daniel’s sewing skills spread swiftly and based on the market demand, he increased the services rendered and added upholstery. Now his crafty work can be found in many of the power boats or cars you see around.

With the demand for upholstery supplies such as sponges, fabrics, etc. created by DIY-ers and other upholstery shops, Daniel now the consummate businessman expanded his business and started offering a wide variety of upholstery supplies.

His quaint little shop with its three machine work stations and side office, soon after became too small to keep up with demand so he added a mezzanine creating sufficient space to buy more supplies in bulk.

“Over the years I have seen so many different levels of quality furniture,” said Daniel. “Most furniture stores today sell mass-produced furniture. They are not super-expensive, but they are not made to last. That’s why we are here. For those who have a really nice quality piece that has held up for years and doesn’t creak, but is worth saving,” he added.

Nowadays the humble, soft-spokenDaniel along with his two staff, tackle simple projects such as replacing the fabric on a kitchen stool or kitchen chair to more challenging projects as reupholstering charter yachts.

“I like the challenge of doing many different things,” he said. “I know exactly how it works, and I never use the old fabric as a pattern. I may use it as a guide, but I never lay the old fabric out in order to cut the new one. If that upholsterer before made a mistake, I’ll make the same one again.”

Truth be told

Reupholstering could be even more expensive than replacing a piece of furniture. There is a lot of labor involved and fabric can be expensive, but what you’re getting in the end is very valuable. You’re really customizing your own one-of-a-kind custom piece and as trends go, being eclectic is definitely in. You can take an old chair and mix it with new fabric. It’s all about giving your home, boat or car personality.

Whether you need a professional or do it yourself, the benefits of getting a sofa or chair reupholstered are endless. New fabric can tie a room together or become the beginning of a redecorating endeavor. And despite the cost, it’s often worth it to redo an older piece of furniture rather than to buy new and Daniel’s Upholstery is the place you need to contact today. Tel: 284-494-4340.