Cheers! It’s Your Wedding Day

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Congratualations! The journey on your adventure together as a married couple begins!

Start the Planning!

You’ve dreamt about that perfect dress, bouquet, decorations, and music…but what about the wedding toast?

You want to fill your guests’ glasses with the finest bubbly in town! Looking at your guest list – you have 100 (OR MORE) guests to serve, and they all have different tastes…now what?!

Wine Consultant to the Rescue!

Choosing beverages for a large group can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be – Seek out the assistance of a professional Wine Consultant! First and foremost you need to look at your budget, all these things add up – quickly! You care about your guests having fun and enjoying your special day with you, some of whom may have taken off work or travelled far, they are super important to you!

Valerie Boisgirard, Wine Consultant at TICO says, “That’s one of my favourite things to do in my job, helping a Bride and Groom with their wedding day selection!”. Valerie works with couples to understand the flavour profile of the guests that will be attending the wedding.

She helps to calculate how much to have on hand and to select champagne and wines well-suited and also talks about budgets so that the selection couples choose is delightful as well as within budget.

Celebrating with CHAMPAGNE!

Your wedding toast can convey more than just ‘Cheers’ to your guests. Champagne is as unique as you are – so making the right selection is important.

Did you know not all bubbling or fizzy wines are actually Champagne?  Champagne is only produced in a specific region in France, named Champagne, France. In the Champagne region, there are specific controls called Appellation d’Origine Controlée (AOC) you can visit: for more detailed information. The AOC regulates different things that make champagne what it is, for example, the soil in Champagne has a specific chalk content that helps to creates the specialized flavour.

Serving champagne at your wedding is the ‘crème de la crème’ (which means the ‘best of the best!’ – you’re already learning French just thinking about your wedding day!).

Some wines use the same method of making their wine into sparkling wine like champagne – this is called method champenoise. This is when the second fermentation happens inside the bottle, sparkling wines that are not produced in the Champagne region, are not called champagne.  

Your Own ‘Royal’ Wedding!

If the image in your mind of your wedding is Royal, Champagne Bollinger has the distinction of holding a Royal Warrant.

By appointment to: HM the Queen.

“Champagne Bollinger is one of the few remaining family-owned champagne houses. With its distinctive range of Pinot Noir-driven champagnes…and prides itself on having held a Royal Warrant continuously since first awarded by Queen Victoria in 1884.”2

You could go a little James Bond-themed here too as Her Majesty’s secret servant showed his sophistication by enjoying the most British of all Champagnes (Champagne Bollinger)!3

Art & Nature ~ The Designer’s Wedding!

Are you an artist or nature lover?  Is creativity to combine these areas at your core? You may seek to create a wedding that’s a little off-beat and different, super artsy cool and unusual, Maison Perrier- Jouët thinks along the same lines as you do.

Perrier-Jouët participates in DesignMiami (in early Dec. each year) and works with artists to combine nature, art and of course champagne! In 2017 it was Eden Miami, “taking over the city to bring forth nature and wilderness”. Eden and Perrier-Jouët travelled the show to Tokyo, London, and Shanghai. 2018 led to the build of HyperNature with a British designer, Bethan Laura Wood.4 So toast to the creative…designer…the artist within on your wedding day with Perrier-Jouët – and use the coulours, lights, and ideas from some of their artist to create your unique wedding scene. Google:@designmiami #perrierjouet for inspiration!

“…Perrier-Jouët is one of France’s most historic and distinctive champagne houses, renowned for its elegant floral champagnes which reveal the true essence of the Chardonnay grape. Influenced by its founders’ love of nature and art.”5

Go BIG with Biblical History!

Presenting amazing champagne isn’t the only way to create an impact on your wedding day! A large-sized bottle can add to making this “YOUR Day”! Champagne Drappier offers a full range from a single serve to ginormous bottle sizes that can serve 240 people! Drappier is the only Champagne house that offers the sizes of Primat and Melchizedek. (See chart for reference.)

“Biblical names (were) given to the large-sized bottles of Champagne (Drappier tells them the story of the 12 L bottle size) When Jesus was born, sumptuous gifts were offered to the newly born by the Magi, among them Balthazar, a descendant of the Babylonian kings.”6 

Quick Facts about Drappier:

  • 2014 – The 1st Champagne house to earn carbon-neutral status
  • 87% of recycled glass is used in their bottles
  • In Paris, President Obama enjoyed Drappier Champagne!8

Family Team Spirit & Saying

‘I Love You’

If on your wedding day – your focus is on the family unit, Champagne Taittinger scores the winning goal!

Love is universal and living your life to the fullest is what Taittinger is about. Vitalie Taittinger says, “As soon as you decide to live your life each day to the full, every day will quickly become more special and meaningful”.9  What day can be more special and meaningful than your wedding day?!

Taittinger is also for the footballer in you – the house proudly sponsors the FIFA® World Cup. Your wedding guests probably include some of your teammates so it’s a Win-Win selection for the sports enthusiast!

Remember on your wedding day, it’s important to slow down…ask one of your wedding party to remind you and help you to stand back and take a look around at your family and friends. Remember this moment, the feeling, the excitement, and the love that surrounds you ~ of course while enjoying a glass of your specially-selected champagne!

Do you have an idea on which champagne you would choose?

Valerie and TICO are here to help you make your selection of the perfect champagne and wine as well as spirits, beers, juices, and soft drinks for YOUR Wedding Day in the British Virgin Islands. Contact TICO at +1-284-494-2211, |