“A Girl Called Rose” Official Capsule Collection Launch 


In the age of Millennials and Generation “Z”, the need to find a balance between “Fast Fashion” and “Long-standing brands” is at an all-time high. For major fashion houses throughout the world, major changes are taking place to keep the legacy and brand niche within the millennial and GenZ minds that are ever so fast-paced for new and creative products. With this in mind for Caribbean brands, Trèfle is setting new goals to bring more brand awareness to their approach on the apparel industry that is being commandeered by US and Asia sales. 

“I know that the world is changing at a fast pace and I cannot continue with the same practises as I did or had 10 years ago. Change is mandatory and I’ve revisited my business plan with edits and additions that I am excited to launch in the near future because I intend to have Trèfle represented locally, regionally and internationally- that will never change”. – Kristin

One of the ways that Trèfle has changed their methods is to incorporate three (3) collections annually with their first collection “Vogue” launched in early 2019 and their latest collection “A Girl Called Rose” which was debuted on Saturday, May 4 at a private home in Chalwell Estate. Kristin offers capsule(small) collections that cater to different body types for women and she is looking forward to bringing back items for children from her Trèfle284 label as well as a small men’s collection. A Girl Called Rose plays on the softness of childhood memories along with a whimsical rose palette print that plays on the subtle designs of each piece which has grown interest since its release. Along with the collection debut, Kristin continues to work with many women both young and experienced in various sectors of business and is happy to have collaborated with US Company SeaStar Accessories out of NYC (https://www.seastarbeachwear.com) as well as the McBride Sisters out of California (https://www.mcbridesisters.com). 

With her love for the BVI, she also encourages the younger generation to reach for their goals as one special young lady by the name of J’Quelah Callwood is a budding fashion designer in the making and has shown great interest in pursuing her passion and craft for Fashion Design. Kristin also highlighted young entrepreneur, Jadeallison Straker, who is the founder of Island Aromas- a company that specializes in 100% soy candles, hand sanitizers, body soap, and lotions.

“I am so excited for creatives in the BVI and J’Quelah(JQ) along with Jadeallison are some of the young people that I admire because throughout the years, their passion and determination – even after Hurricane Irma -never wavered in what they would like to pursue as a career and it was important to me to have them present one item of their choice on the night of our collection debut to give them the recognition that they deserve. It made my heart glad.” – Kristin

Other exciting projects are well underway for Trèfle and we salute this BVI designer for continuing to make waves in the industry of fashion. To see the entire collection, you can visit their website at www.trefledesigns.com.