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Taking Home Repair & Design to A New Level in the BVI


Now here is a business that not only sells home improvement products but whose salespersons understand what they sell and are readily available to help guide you from the moment you call or visit their showroom to completion of your project and beyond.

SJE Home Repair & Décor opened its doors to the public in April 2018, on the top floor at the back of the old Island Department Store building in Johnson’s Ghut near the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The business was established to provide a niche service to persons redecorating or rebuilding and needed to find that product that is not only high quality but affordably priced and maybe even unique.

You’ll want to take more than you came for after you browse the aisles, catalogues or online and exchange ideas with Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Manager, Donna James, and her staff.

SJE Home Repair & Décor is a contractors’ delight. Well, it’s a property owners’ delight too and renters can fall right in line. They offer windows, doors, hurricane shutters, tiles and sliders, cabinetry, countertops and just about whatever you need to complete that building project.

They are dealers for Alutech Shutter and Shade Solutions and they own all parts of their shutters, which are German-American made. Yes, these are special. No, all shutters are not made equal!

So with other similar and well-established businesses having already stamped their footprints in the BVI, the question is: “Why should people shop here?”

The answer was unrehearsed, confident and resounding: “People should choose us because we offer a service that is unmatched; our customers walk away understanding the product that they’ve purchased or have inquired about. We don’t do gimmickry, we are authentic, so we’re not daunted. Yes, we know we are up against bigger businesses, but we don’t see it as competition at all. SJE is not trying to offer everything, we are product specific, so the smaller parts you won’t find here. What I can say is that when a sale is closed, our customers leave satisfied and more informed about the product we offer and what is out there.”

The showroom at SJE is intimate, so one doesn’t have to walk through aisles with no-one in sight to answer questions. This is another attribute that sets them apart.

In addition, they offer options. You not only get the popular brand name items, but you will find or can order something less expensive of comparable quality.

Donna said it is interesting to note that while some property owners were quick to repair their hurricane damages after Irma and Maria in 2017, some were not and she is seeing a lot of those discerning customers now.

She noted that consumers are now wiser, they have information at the tip of their fingers and would go the extra mile to ensure they are getting the best product out there. She said as a business, it would be sad not to be able to meet those needs.

“One thing you will have to continue doing is being patient, as everything is imported, there is always a wait time; however, one can rest assured that when that product arrives, you’re getting the best of the best,” Donna assured.

She was pleased to add that customers are finding SJE very accommodating and relationships are being built.  There’s a mutually welcoming reception, as more and more contractors are finding out about SJE and sending persons there who are building or renovating. She said they are hailing SJE as a business that is much needed, a nice balance to those already in existence.

“Our motto is “Building Relationships”, which simply means any product you buy from us and over the years that suffer from wear and tear and need parts, we should be able to get replacement parts to satisfy you,” Donna stated. She added, “Same goes for the products. We have trained personnel in-house to install, maintain and service our products. Also, we are factory direct; we try not to purchase merchandise from third parties, as we plan to be here for a long time.”

According to the SJE Executive, naturally, the bottom line is to make a sale, but the best sale is when a customer returns to say thank you for your guidance, thank you for selling me that product, thank you for your help.

There is a uniqueness about the products at SJE that will leave you ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’. While you may find similar products elsewhere, there are those pieces that are simply unique. For instance, you won’t be able to miss the entryway and console tables and other accent pieces as you are escorted through the aisles.

SJE can be described as a hardware store meet décor store. So even when you have purchased your products, Donna, a professional Interior Decorator, takes the service up a notch.

After all, after you’re done putting in windows, doors, tiles, kitchen cabinetry and the like, you must sit and sleep somewhere. So, with her knack for interior decorating, she figured, why not offer customers that option.  “So, I do consultations, where I help our customers to choose either just paint colours or find their feng shui or the balance in their homes, like whether the bed is turned to the wrong wall, the furniture is not properly laid out or the right size for the room, things like window treatment, tile selection, choosing the right lighting or the right product to suit your forever home and I also do floral arrangements,” she said animatedly.

According to Donna, SJE really offers the best of both worlds, familiar as she is with the latest trends, new products and design changes on the international market.

“We want to get to a level where you would say you wasted your time going away, as the same products are right here in the BVI,” the Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Manager said.

A visit to SJE Home Repair & Décor is now high on your list of things to do, we’re sure!

Visit their Facebook Page for more information – Sje Redecor or SJE Home Repair & Décor, or call +1-284-345-5069.