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Leave Your Next Event with an Experience!



The joy that comes with designing your own space, whether it’s your home or office and/or creating a unique experience for guests at your event, be it a birthday or Christmas party with or without a theme or a business conference, is just totally unsurpassed.

As more persons think about this and feel the need to get creative, you will be pleased to know that you don’t have to go it alone. There is someone right here in the Virgin Islands who can help you.

Admittedly, the task can be daunting to a homeowner, office manager or parent. But Kezia Allen, Creative Professional at Form Studios International, readily allays any apprehension one might have.

Form Studios International is a local interior design/creative events firm, officially launched here in January 2019, with its associated website www.formstudiosinternational.com, where some of her fabulous works are showcased.

Armed with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island, USA five years ago and with the extensive knowledge she gained from the requisite courses in fashion and creative events designs, Kezia spent a year honing her craft at B+G Design Inc., one of South Florida’s leading designers.

There, she worked directly with the Head Designer/CEO, executing major high-end residential projects at the St. Regis, Bal Harbour and areas throughout South Florida.

So, why interior design? Kezia was very clear!

“How I realized I probably should be doing something in housing or structures is that I was always redesigning my mom’s house,” she told VIL&S. “I didn’t realize it was a passion until I started researching it. I always knew I was a ‘creative’, that I needed to be doing something more hands-on…so initially I thought of Computer Engineering, but found that wasn’t as creative and exciting as I thought it would be.”

She then thought about graphic design, web design, architecture….and voilà, interior design! With her entrepreneurial spirit, the goal was definitely not working for an established firm long term. It would always be about being creative, going out and do something on her own.

Kezia was careful to point out the difference in what she does, which is the manifestation of designs into a functional space or event. It’s not as advanced as an architect, she clarified, but it’s higher than a decorator.

On her return home to the Virgin Islands, Ms. Allen quickly established herself as a Creative Professional, landing her first contract in December.

The rebuilding process is still underway following hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 and homeowners and property developers are now more discerning. They are careful to ensure that their projects are completed to a higher standard.

“So I saw this as the best opportunity to jump in and get things going and through networking, I was able to get a refurbishing project, which I completed successfully,” she said.

In acknowledging the desire for some persons to handle their own decorating and design projects, the Creative Professional said she is all for DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, but said one should not underestimate the value of getting professional help.

While developers in the commercial industry more tend to seek the services of interior designers, residential developers often leave this important aspect to their architect, whose primary focus is on structural stability and exterior appeal.

On the other hand, an interior designer will place more emphasis on the details and carefully strategize on the placement of various elements as it relates to the use and effectiveness of the space.  

“Certain things we take more into consideration…it’s all about spacial awareness,” Ms. Allen stated.

She said her penchant really is hospitality; mainly resorts, bars and restaurants, but right now she is mainly occupied with residential, commercial and creative events.

Form Studios International collaborates with other local creatives to ensure that events are masterfully done to the delight of organizers. They would handle all of the graphics, branding and creative interior requirements.

This brings her immense satisfaction, as her clients and their patrons not only leave the event after having had a great time, but they leave the venue with an experience.

“We create an actual walkthrough experience and mood that shifts the atmosphere of the event,” Kezia pointed out.

 If it’s a commercial and residential spacial project, Form Studios International works to ensure that the level of pride you experience when entering your unique space is unrivaled and definitely when you leave, one that you will always remember fondly.

That brings us to the name: Form Studios International.

Ms. Allen said when thinking about a name for her business, she thought of the fact that she didn’t want to just be an interior designer. Rather, it was about being more creative, more flexible and incorporating more aspects of the art.

Now that she has established her business, Kezia is keen to take on as many projects as she can, whether on a small or large scale. Her focus is on interior design, creative event productions, branding, and design mergers.

She feels it is important that people understand and are more aware of the significance of interior design and the benefits of having an interior designer helping them with designing and getting creative with their spaces. “It makes a healthy difference,” she said.

In addition, Ms. Allen said her focus is to introduce a more modern design in the Territory, not totally taking away the Caribbean essence, but rather, modernizing the Caribbean essence.

In terms of her future goals, she is working on the marketing aspect of her business to offer the Design on a Dime concept. This is where she would transform a room in a home as an incentive to have people actually see what it looks like at a fixed and affordable cost.

“I just want people to know that I am available for consultation,” she concluded.

With you and Form Studios International, the experience is conceptualized and materialized.

Whether you are here in the Virgin Islands or elsewhere, contact Kezia Allen today via her website or call +1 284 499 2060.